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How do you replace a fuel pump on a 2002 Mazda B4000 pickup?

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2006-11-01 01:28:11

Relieve the fuel pressure at the pump switch located in the

passenger compartment under the carpet of the transmission hump on

the passenger side. Remove the fuel tank. Turn the lock ring

counterclockwise until it's loose and remove the lock ring. Pull

the fuel pump/sending unit from the tank being careful not to bend

the arm for the sending unit float. Discard the old lock ring seal.

Installation is reverse of removal with the following additions:

(a)Apply a coat of heavy grease to the new lock ring seal to hold

it in place during assembly. Install the seal in the lock ring

groove. (b)Install the fuel sender/pump unit into the fuel tank so

that the tabs of the unit are positioned into the slots in the fuel

tank. Make sure to keep the seal in place during installation until

the lock ring has been tightened properly. (c)Hold the fuel

sender/pump unit in place, install and tighten the locking ring

clockwise until the stop is against the retainer ring tab. - Mazda

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