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I say good luck! I just had mine replaced in December...and $900.00 later, it's still not fixed right. My husband is a pretty good do-it-yourselfer...but he didn't want to touch this one. To replace the heater core, it requires the entire dash to be removed...that's why the dealerships/mechanics want so much for the job. The heater core itself was only about $60, the rest was labor. My advice is to take it to the dealership, because I took mine to local shop here, and after four trips back and forth, I have a faulty system. Oh, I have heat alright, but that's all I have...about 100 degrees blowing all the time!!! Can you tell I'm a little bitter?! Again, good luck.

January 09

I have replaced mine as well. It works OK but it is a ton of work!

Sterring column dropped down, dash tipped out, front passenger tire off etc.

It sounds like there is a vacum line off in order to have heat all the time. There is a bunch of vac lines to remove when doing the change and it is real impotant to get them back on right.

The change took me about 6 hours at home with more tools than most guys have.

Good Luck!!

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Q: How do you replace a heater core in a 2000 Chevy Blazer?
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