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How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 92 S10?


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Loosen the tensioner pulley. The serpentine belt will become loose and can be removed. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley.


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The serpentine belt on a 92 Chevy Caprice Classic is changed by loosening the tensioner pulley and pulling the belt off. A new belt can then be put in place and the tension restored.

Put the new serpentine belt on to your 1992 Chevy Corsica pulleys. Push the tensioner pulley to the left to tighten the serpentine belt.

you don't repair the serpentine belt. You buy a new one, they cost about 30 bucks

I have a '92 PA Ultra. The Ultra has the supercharger. There are two sets of serpentine belts for this configuration.

The serpentine belt is a long belt on the front of the engine. The belt goes over a number of pulleys and powers many things such as the alternator and power steering all at once. The twisting and turning through all of the pulleys like a snake is how it came to be called a serpentine belt.

i need a 1992 mecerde-benz 300e 2.6 serpentine belt diagram

We are going to need to know what engine you have in that 92 S10.

See "Related Questions" below for a few sources of serpentine routing diagrams.

how do you set timing on a 92 geo prizm if timing belt has broken

is included with timing belt service

probably damaged the crank sensor, or the tangs on the harmonic balancer

It is built inside of the alternator, Will have to replace alternator, it's all one unit.

the serpentine belt may be slipping then grabbing as the tranny shifts gears.

Unhook the negative battery cable for safety. The belt tensioner needs to be rotated to release belt tension. Remove the old belt. Install the new belt in the same pulley directions that the old one went over. Release the tensioner. Reconnect the battery.

You will probably end up having to replace the belt as I don't think there is a way to tighten it.

sounds like your pully tensioner might be bad, throwing the belt... which runs your alternator, which might be why the car wont start.

When you replace the timing belt you should replace the water pump and tensioner pulley as well. It may save you in labor costs down the road. But, all together it is about $500.

With the hood open, there should be a sticker with a small diagram of the serpentine belt routing. It maybe located either on the underside front of the hood or somewhere directly between the headlights. You will need to move the belt tensioner to fully wrap the belt around the last pully. In some cases a ratchet can be used; if there is no room you may have to buy the special tool they make to reach in and lift up on the tensioner.

My 92 has the water pump on the passenger side, where serpentine belt is at but at the forward top of the engine. T HEMPLE it's on the right side of the motor where the sepentine belt is it is located at the bottom of the engine

how to remove the starter from a 92 s-10 4x2 with a 2.8 engine

If its in the same location as the 92 buick lesabre it takes about 5 min to replace. First disconnect the battery. i forget what socket size you need but loosen the serpentine belt at the tensioner pulley. i believe you need a 14mm socket or maybe a 12mm. but there are only 2 bolts holding it in place. take them out. disconnect the wires. (i think thats a 10mm socket.) connect the wires to the new one. set it in place, put the 2 bolts back in. put the serpentine belt back on connect the battery and jump it if its dead.

I have a 92 PA and have used a socket and the ratchet handle. With limited movement in this area the ratchet will allow you to get more movement of the pulley to get the belt off. Just remember which way the belt was routed as it can be confusing when trying to put it back on.

my 92 Nissan has a belt make shure that its abelt and not a chain

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