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How do you replace a windshield wiper motor on a 1993 Mercedes 190E?

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2007-12-26 22:30:13
2007-12-26 22:30:13

After 1985, the wiper is a panoramic style - one big wiper. The motor assembly is located under the air intake grille, below the wiper. Remove the wiper arm - small plastic cover, bolt(s) underneath, slide off arm. Then undo the bolts/screws holding the grille on, some of which are UNDER the rubber surround - lift it up to expose them. There is an electrical connector box - disconnect this. There is a bracket that supports the wiper assembly, undo one bolt, then it should slide out/down into the heater air intake (below the wiper assembly) and then UP and out. At this point, its best to find a working one from an auto wrecker - the motor etc. from Mercedes is rather expensive!

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You begin to remove the windshield wiper motor by removing the cowl. Disconnect the wiper unit drain tubes and remove the mounting bolts. Replace with working unit

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You will have to remove the wiper arms, then remove the cowl, and then the wiper motor.

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