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Open the hood and look behind the head lights at the top. Find the three 3/8" nuts that hold the headlight trim bezel on. Remove them and the bezel can be removed so you can get to the stainless trim pieces that hold the headlights in place. There are four screws on the stainless trim pieces that will need to be removed to get the headlight out. Then just unplug the wiring and put in the new headlight. Reverse the procedure to put the trim bezel back on.

The two adjustment screws to aim the headlights are at the top and left or right of the headlight buckets depending on the inner or outer headlight. Each headlight has its' own adjustment screws. These are not accessible unless the chrome trim bezel is removed as above.

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Q: How do you replace and adjust the headlights on a 1986 Lincoln Town Car?
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