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How do you replace brake pads on 1999 Chevy Tracker?


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2011-09-12 20:48:25
2011-09-12 20:48:25

Remove the wheel. Unbolt the caliper from the back, i believe there are two bolts that hold it in place on the tracker. Make sure you remember the placement of the 2 bolts, sometimes they are not identical and you do not want to accidentally mix them up.

Slide the caliper up off the brake disk.

Remove the old pads, check which pad has the "squealer" ( a small metal piece that rubs against the disk to make you aware of a worn pad.)

With the pads removed, use an 8" C clamp to compress the cylinder into the caliper, keep compressing cylinder until it is all the way in the caliper.

Then, simply put the new pads back in the caliper, making sure the inner and outer match the ones that were removed (look for that "sqealer").

Slide the caliper back over the disk and put the 2 bolts back in place, again make syre they go right back where they belong, do not mix them up.

Tighten bolts.

When all the pads have been replaced, pump the brakes several time, with the engine running to adjust them. They will feel squishy at first but will firm up with a few pumps.

Check the front brakes first, they tend to wear long before the rear brakes and probably do not need changing yet.

Good luck


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