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All you need is something to pry it out with. Use something with a flat edge on it that won't damage the light or the area around the light. Place your prying tool in the bottom edge of the lense. Slowly pry out the entire bottom edge. It should come out fairly easily. The bulb just snaps in and out. Hope that helps.

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Q: How do you replace dome lights in a Ford Focus?
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02 Ford Focus wagon The dome lights are no longer coming on when you open the car doors and although they turn on by the switch How can you fix this?

Most likely the door jamp switch is bad. You will need to replace it.

Why does the dome lights stay on when the switch is turned off 2001 Ford Explorer super?

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How do you replace dome light on 2008 F250 super duty?

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What would cause the headlights radio and dome lights to quit when headlights are turned on in a 1996 crown vic?

I would replace the headlight switch as Ford has had their share of these problems.

Why are your dome lights and sunroof not working Mitsubishi galant?

If dome lights and sunroof of a Mitsubishi Galant are not working, it is probably due to blown fuse. It is time to replace old ones.

How do you replace Trailblazer interior lights?

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Dome light and floor board lights in 94 ford probe won't go off?

The dome light and floor lights on a 94 Ford Probe will not go off if the door is open or the door sensor has not been tripped. The lights can be manually turned off but the sensor should be checked for defects.

How do I get the dome lights in a 2004 Lincoln LS to turn off?

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Where is the fuse for dome lights in a 1998 Ford Windstar?

According to the Owners Manual, fuse #29. See "Related Questions" below for more - especially if your dome lights stay on and you're getting a 'door ajar' chime/warning.

Why doesn't the dome lights turn off in a 2005 Ford Escape?

New car under warranty. Call the dealer.

Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

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How do you turn off interior lights dome and floor in 1993 ford tempo 4 door?

First shut all the doors then use your light switch to turn off or on dome lights if that doesn't work it could be a bad door pin switch

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