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Most likely the door jamp switch is bad. You will need to replace it.

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Q: 02 Ford Focus wagon The dome lights are no longer coming on when you open the car doors and although they turn on by the switch How can you fix this?
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How do you fix the dimmer light switch?

I have a problem with my dishboard lights and radio lights not coming on. What can I do to get them to come on

Dim lights stay on?

If the dim lights are continuously staying on there may be an issue with the dimmer switch. The actual switch may be jammed in the on position. Check the switch with a voltmeter and see if there is continuous power coming from it.

What if your Saturn 2004 ion will not start after driving It is completely dead The mechanic can't find what's wrong?

Are the lights in the dash coming on, and it just won't crank or are there no lights at all? If the lights are coming on you need an ignition switch.

The low beams on your friends 1991 Volvo 740 don't work the parking lights work with the dash lights also coming on but when you turn the switch past parking lights to the lowbeams all lights turn off?

u need to replace light switch

How to wire several lights into one switch?

with your power coming into the switch, you connect the neutral wire (white) to the other white wire that is going to the lights. then the 2 black wires go onto the switch. now that you have the light switched, you just connect the other lights to the first one

What are advantages of clap-on lights?

A Switch can not breakLittle Kids can easily turn the lights on and offWe no longer have to get up and click the Light Switch

How do you wire six lights on a three way switch?

The load or six lights are wired in parallel with each other. The power is obtained from the single terminal of the last three way switch. The screw colour on the switch is usually black. The other two gold coloured screws on the switch are for the travelers coming from the other switch.

Have power to switch but no lights Breaker is not blown?

Bad switch. Open wiring between switch and lights.

Why jaguar s type head lights and marker lights stay on after car is turned off?

The S-Type Headlight switch on the end of the turn signal stalk has several settings for headlight functions. The Auto setting turns the headlights on automatically in darkness, (and off in light), and the settings with longer and longer lines leave the lights on after you get out, for longer and longer times.

Why is it safer to use a relay to switch on the lights?

It isn't, although the question raises some issues about isolation, etc.

Park avenue have smoke coming from steering column?

short in your turn signal switch...replace it.....check your brake lights

Do fog lights come on automatic when the headlights come on a 2000 Chrysler sebring convertible?

No, the fog lights have a switch.No, the fog lights have a switch.

How do you wire 2 lights on one switch?

Does power come into to lights or switch first?

Back-up lights not working?

neutral safety switch (located on transmission) is no longer working.cost for the part will very from 13.00 to 50.00 ,unplug wires to switch and wrench out the old switch reverse that for the new one.

The reverse lights on a 94 beretta z26 are not coming on new bulbs and fuses where is the switch on the tranny located?

The neutral safety switch is what controls the reverse lights. It is located on the top of the transmission almost directly below the brake master cylinder.

Why is gasoline coming out of the ignition switch?

Why is gasoline coming out of the ignition switch?

Are lights in your house connected in a series circuit?

Each light is in series with the switch that controls it. Each group of lights, either controlled by a switch or not, is a parallel circuit, i.e. that the lights are in parallel, but the group of lights is in series with the switch.

Were is the headlight fuse for a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Headlights are not fused. If they lights are coming on try the headlamp relay or the the headlamp switch.

What can stop brake lights from coming on when you push down on brake petal?

Only if the bulb or wire is burnt out... Else the switch has defect,,

Why do the signal lights and bright lights no longer turn off with the switch on a 2001 Mitusubishi Galant?

have your day time running light module checked the same thing happened on my car

Why are the dash lights and radio lights not coming on when the head lights are on 2000 Chevy Venture?

Try turning the dimmer switch up. It's located under the headlight switch. Roll it towards the steering wheel to brighten the dash lights, and away to dim them. If this doesn't solve the problem then you have a blown fuse or a short somewhere. Let's hope it's the dimmer.

How can you wire and control 3 lights from 1 switch?

This is simple. First the wire coming from the power supply go to the switch. Then it goes to the first , the second and the third light. Since the switch comes first all three light will be controlled by that one switch.

Why would a 1995 Monte Carlo not make a sound when turning the ignition although it has lights radio etc?

If auto, it can be the neutras switch and if standard, it can be the clutch switch. Otherwise, take it to a garage as it can be the starter, solonoid, ignition switch or ????

You can't find the switch for the fog lights on your 2000 ford expedition Eddie Bauer and have no owners manual where is the switch?

The switch should be where your light are. You just pull out on the light switch but the fog lights will not come on unless all lights are on.

Where is the Switch to turn fog lights on in a 2004 Kia Sedona?

There are no fog lights if there is no switch. it would be labelled.