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If it is an early bronco, the easiest way is to remove the grill. There are approximately 8 screws around the grill. This will let you get to the retainer screws and the bulb just plugs in. This is the suggested way from the better repair manual for the broncos. If it is the later bronco, there is a retainer on the back side of the headlight shell that can be turned about a quarter turn to release the bulb, it is separate from the headlight reflector. You might have to remove the battery or reach down along side the washer reservoir to reach the retainer, and if the bulb hasn't been removed for awhile, the retainer might stick. The retainers have been known to break, they are plastic and do run hot, but they are available at most car part stores.

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Q: How do you replace headlights on a Ford Bronco 2?
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