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I'm trying to do the same thing on my '98. Has anyone responded? I'm afraid to pry the plastic covers off. If I break one, it's probably $100 to replace!!!

I just went through this bit of aggravation last night. here is how to do it.... If you just need to replace the bulb(s), open the trunk lid and remove part of the felt liner. There are platic pins that can be easily taken out to do this. The bulb(s) can be accessed from behind the trunk lid. They are very inexpensive under $2); so you may want to change them both. The bulbs are bayonnet style and look like fuses; easily unclipped and replaced.

Hopefully you do not have a corrosion or wiring melt down issue. If you do; Take off the bezel over the lamps by removing the 3 screws that hold this piece of trim in. The lamp assembly clips can be accessed from behind the trunk lid to release the Lamp assembly if the lens needs to be replaced or contacts need to be cleaned.

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Q: How do you replace license plate lights on 1999 Mercedes E320 Taking off the plastic over the lights reveals plastic over the bulbs Do you pry the plastic off?
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