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How do you replace passenger side wing mirror on fiat punto 2000?


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2008-05-12 20:40:01
2008-05-12 20:40:01

Buy a new punto! :)


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if you take off the door panel there will be three studs that connect the mirror to the door

Sure you can. Just do a google search for passenget side mirror - Ford explorer. It will run about $50.

to replace the passenger side mirrior you remove passenger door panel then the bolts that hold it on will be right there just take them off and put the new one back on

there is a plastic insert on the inside part of the door remove it and there are two bolts holding it on.

Pop the trim on the leading edge of the window. There will be I believe three nuts to take loose. If the mirror has electric adjustment, it will simply unplug.

The disconnect on the passenger side vanity mirror caused the dome lights - radio - auto locks to be come inoperable - has anyone had the experience and what is the cure?

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Mercedes E280 2000 model passenger side wing mirror removal in order to repair automatic reverse mirror adjuster.

o man well here is the best way........JUST LEAVE IT ALONE WHO CARES

under the triangle on the door there are 3 screws and a wire-if the harness connects at the mirror you can just unhook it there-if it goes into the door panel you need to remove the panel to disconnect the harness

You need to remove the inside door panel, then remove the bolts that secure the mirror. It is very simple procedure.

The auto dimming rearview mirror contains chemicals that have either leaked out or deteriorated over time. You will have to replace the mirror.

remove the complete dashboard and then replace it


if its a UK model it will located in the passenger side wing mirror, on the underside

If you have a Fiat Punto 2000 S, there may not be any rear speaker cables, I know there wasn't in mine.

The cast of Punto y medio - 2000 includes: Juan y Medio as Himself - Host

I don't know if it's the same for a 2000, but I just replaced the driver's side mirror on my 2001 and it took about five minutes. There is a triangle panel at the front of the window. It will probably be easier to remove with the window down. There are clips on either side (at the top) of the triangle that attach to the door frame. Pull from the top detaching the clips and then slide it upward. You will then notice the three nuts as the mirror has the bolts. Unhook the mirror harness and remove the three nuts. Reverse the process and your done.

You would need to take the door panel off and then remove the three bolts that hold the mirror onto the door.

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