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This was one of the worse designs gm ever built. After removing caliper the caliper piston winds in clockwise. There is a special tool to so this but you may be able to do it with adjustable pliers. Very often the caliper slide pins will be frozen solid. If this is the case do yourself a favor and go buy a reman loaded brake caliper will save a ton of time.

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Q: How do you replace rear disc pads on 1991 Lumina?
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What kind of brake pads does a 1991 Chevy lumina use?

all disc breaks all the way around. just go to and put in your make and model. it will show you the kind you need.

How to replace disc pads on 1996 Chevy Suburban?

what kind of wrench to remove brake pads

How do I replace disc brake pads?

I believe that mechanics are the ones who know how to replace disc brake pads. It just seem the logical choice and the first one you should make due the subject.

How do you replace rear brake pads on a 1994 Chevy lumina Z34?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1994 Chevy Lumina. Remove the brake spring and the break caliper. The brake pads will come off. Reverse the process to install the new brake pads.

Does a 1991 Mazda Protege DX have brake pads or disc brakes?

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes.

How do you Change the brakes on a 83 Mercedes?

how to replace front disc pads on 1983 300d Mercedes Benz

How do you disc brake pads on 2003 F 250?

To change the disc brake pads on a 2003 F250 you will first need to remove the wheel and tire. There are 2 caliper bolts behind the caliper which need to be removed. Then use a special tool or C-Clamp to push in the caliper pistons and replace the disc brake pads.

How do you change car brakes?

This will greatly depend on what kind of brakes you have and which parts you are trying to replace. Do you have disc or drum brakes? If you have disc brakes, do you want to replace the calipers, pads, or rotors? If you have drum brakes, do you want to replace the drum, or the shoes?

Can you replace pad brakes with disc brakes?

pad brakes are disc brakes, it's known as changing brake pads for disc setup and changing brake shoes with drum brake setup.

Where can you get step-by-step instructions to replace pads on a disc-brake system?

Try this website:

How do you replace your disc brakes?

To replace disc brakes you need to first remove your tires. After removing you old pads and rotors you then want to reset the brake calipers. Then replace your pads with new pads and either replace or resurface your rotors as needed. Once everything is put back together you want to fully depress your break pedal until resistance returns. The final step is to drive test you breaks to make sure every thing is functioning properly.

How do you replace Brake pads on a 1994 eldorado?

I need to replace the disc brakes on my 1994 Cadillac eldorado touring coupe? could you supply a diagram of this producure?

How do you replace front brake pads on a 1991 Ford F-150?

How to Install Front Brake Pads Check related link below

How do you change brake shoes on a Ford Fiesta 2001?

hi there, you take the wheel off, unbolt the caliper off, so it comes away from the disc, pop out pads and replace pads,

Does your 1998 Chevy Lumina have brake pads or shoes?


How do you turn off the disc brake sensor light on a 2001 vw new beetle?

The front pads have a wear sensor in them. the light comes on when the pads get too thin. replace the pads and the light will go off.... like magic !

Which brake pads do you need for 1999 xj8?

Your local parts store can answer correctly.if you replace before rotor damage, you should be able to replace pads only (provided you don't have warp...out of round disc and can still be turned, machined)always go with high,premium quality pads... There is a difference

What disc brake pads fit shimano br-m445 malaysia disc brakes?

Shimano BO1S Resin pads

How much do rear brake caliper's cost?

If you need to replace the discs or calipers your costs will rise accordingly. You can ... The rear brake pads should last twice as long as the front disc pads.

How do you replace rear disc pads on infinity i35?

You will need to remove the tire and wheel from your Infinity i35. Remove the disk pad Springs and caliper. The disk pads will come off. Reverse the process to install the new disk pads.

Brakes still squeaking after changing pads?

Cheap metallic brake pads always squeal. It is recommended to turn the rotors and lube the slide pins. Is it four wheel disc? Make sure the noise is coming from the axle that the brakes were replaced. Do this; replace pads with ceramic brake pads, resurface or replace rotors, and lube all metal moving parts.

How do you renew discs and pads on an mg zt?

Lift the mg zt at one wheel. With the vehicle safely held up, remove the wheel. Remove the brake caliper, and take the pads off. The disc needs to be checked for grooves or wear. If the disc is worn then remove and replace it.

How do you replace the brake pads on a 1997 1.4 8v VW polo?

Take a photo of your front disc and pads.and ill be able to explain how.

How do you replace rotors on a 1998 mercury marquis?

With the front end jacked up and on supports, remove the wheel, remove the calipers, then just pull off the rotor and replace. It is good to replace the disc pads also.

What are step by step instructions to replace drum brake pads on a 1991 Ford Festiva?

Get a manual from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM for about $9