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How do you replace rotors for 1998 Buick park avenue?

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Remove wheels

Remove caliper mounting bolts

Slide caliper off rotor

Slide rotor off hub

Uses a "C" clamp to fully retract piston into caliper body to re-install caliper


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A repair manual for the 1998 Buick Park Avenue would have a brakes repair diagram. A popular book is the Haynes Repair Manual.

Cost $700 in labor to replace the flasher as the dealer could not locate it. Supposedly the entire dash had to be removed on my 1997 Park Ave..

The minimum thickness for a 1998 Chevy Tahoe's rotors is 30mm. Rotors must be replace when they fall below this thickness due to reduced braking power.

On the 1998 Buick Park Avenue, the headlight bulb can be replaced by raising the hood and removing the back panel of the headlight assembly. It is held on by two clips at the top. Then, remove the old bulb and replace with the new one, being careful not to touch the bulb itself. Touching the bulb will cause the bulb to overheat and burn out again right away because of the oil in the fingertips.

Front or rear rotors and 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive, it makes a difference.

The fuse box for a 1998 Buick Park Avenue is located just below the dash near the driver's side floor board. It houses most of the essential fuses required to operate the vehicle.

You can try this method thanks to the video below...

You can replace your 1998 Buick 3.8 liter engine with a Buick 3.1 liter engine. You will need to change the motor mounts and some of the wiring harness will need to be modified.

Just did mine today. Too about an hour. Pretty straight forwar and no special tools require. Will provide photos later.

It still uses R134a, which is still available.


How do you fix 1998 buick regal GS heated seat, on driverside , Right side still heats I need book on seats from the people that made the seats.

Trouble code P0306 means:Cylinder 6 misfire detected

Trouble code P0306 means:Cylinder 6 misfire detected

2 wheel or 4 wheel drive makes a big difference.

where is the crankshaft position sensor located on 1998 park ave

passenger side under dash. cover has to be remove to see it

1998 Buicks use R134a freon.. Widely available at any auto parts store or Wal-mart

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