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How do you replace the AC compressor in 1997 Ford Taurus?


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I have just finished my replacement and will be glad to share the information. It is step-by-step so a bit long. Please contact me and I will send a word sheet for the process. Thanks 78Vettelvr email: [mailto:MSGT4SPED@AOL.COM MSGT4SPED@AOL.COM] My file has been lost so I am removing this reply. Sorry but I will try to find the step-by-step procedur and will re-post. 78vettelvr (Steve H.)


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It does not have an Air Compressor. If you are talking about the A/C Compressor, then just look at the drive belts. One of these belts is driving the compressor. If it has one serpentine belt, it is driving the A/C compressor, PS pump, Alternator, & Water Pump. Just follow the belt to find it.

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