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How do you replace the abs on a 95 cavalier?


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everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional manual the reference section, you'll have to make copies of the important sections...good luck :)


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ABS came as standard equipment on the 95. It has ABS.

yes it does have abs brakes

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You replace the brakes on an ABS S10 the same way you replace brakes on a non ABS S10.

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No. But if you mean do they have ABS, no.

The abs light being on for a 2000 Cavalier indicates a brake problem. The brakes could lock up when the pedal is pushes hard, or pulse.

One of 3 problems: wheel sensor is bad, abs cables, or hubs.

Yes it does I too own a Mazda protege 95 with a 1.5 liter and i had to replace the tone ring on my mazda. I ask what does this do and the shop told me its for the abs. But only the LX and ES model has it.

Yes it should. cavalier/corsica 90-95; most parts will be interchangeable.

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The ABS light on a 95 S10 Blazer has to be reset by a mechanic or the dealer. Unplugging the battery on the vehicle will not reset the ABS light.

The ABS light coming on means that the abs is not working. When braking hard the car could lock up the tires and slide.

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It is mounted on the firewall....almost in the center. If it's the original relay it will say GM ABS IV on it.

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I have a 97 cavalier with a 95 engine and i had to replace the whole ignition module and the coil packs are 1/4 and 2/3 that's how they are numbered on the coil packs so 2 coil packs but make sure you know which one isn't firing to replace them and u will have to replace you spark plugs after that.

The 95 Cavalier with the 2.2L engine does not use a belt, instead it has a roller chain/tensioner setup which should last the life of the engine.

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