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How do you replace the air conditioning clutch assembly on a 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 V6?

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There is a special tool that will pull the clutch assembly off of the compressor, available at your local parts store!

2006-09-09 14:54:02
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Q: How do you replace the air conditioning clutch assembly on a 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 V6?
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Air conditioning clutch on a 94 ford aerostar van?

What exactly do you want to know about "Air conditioning clutch on a 94 ford aerostar van?" How to replace? What engine do you have, etc.?

How do you replace air conditioning clutch on 1976 corvette?

it will most likely be easier to just replace the pump all at once

How much does it cost to replace a clutch assembly on a Toyota Echo?


What is the screeching sound when you press the clutch on a 97 Montero Sport?

Your throw-out bearing has went bad in the clutch assembly. You will have to replace the bearing. Inquire about a throw-out bearing at your local auto-parts store. It is a good rule of thumb that if you're going to dissasemble the clutch assembly, you should replace the clutch, and pressure plate too! When clutch-assy has been removed, check the fly-wheel for scarring on its face where the clutch assembly was once attached. The face should be smooth, and the fly-wheel should NOT be warped, pitted, or damaged! If it is, replace it before you put a brand new clutch assembly back onto the vehicle. FabianTrahan Shadetree-Mech

Can conpressor clutch be replaced without discharging the system?

Yes, in most cases. You will need the proper puller to remove and replace the clutch assembly.

Should the air conditioning pulley on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0l turn freely by hand?

Yes they freewheel until clutch engaged (air on)

How do you check air conditioning clutch coil?

how do you oheck air conditioning clutch coil to see if it is overlouding alternator

If cooling fan clutch on 94 Toyota truck breaks does water pump still function?

yes just replace the fan clutch assembly

How do you replace the clutch on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

get a book! you have to drop the transmission which isn't a whole lot of fun then unbolt the old clutch assembly and install a new one

Volvo 940 replace ac fan switch?

use a piece of duct tape and wrap the clutch assembly

How do you change the clutch in a RAV4?

Hi, The engine and transmission assembly must be removed from the vehicle to replace the clutch on a RAV4 AWD. It's a 10+ hour job. Good luck.

Already changed fuse and air conditioning compressor clutch assembly but no power going to cause the compressor to kick on to pull back the clutch so that compressor kicks on what could be the cause?

What specific kind of vehicle do you have? It does sound like the clutch may be bad, but we also need to know what you are working on. You need to run power straight from the battery to the compressor. If is still does not engage then you need to replace the compressor and clutch, they are dead. If they do engage, then you have a wiring or computer issue.

Can you replace the air conditioner compressor clutch on a 2003 jeep liberty without replacing the entire compressor?

It is possible to replace the air conditioner clutch without replacing the entire compressor if you can find somewhere that sells just the clutch assembly and can get the appropriate tool to remove the pulley to get to the clutch. Try buying a repair manual and looking in there.

How do you replace clutch pedal assembly on a 2000 Chevy pick up c1500?

There are several videos online that visually illustrate the process of replacing the clutch pedal assembly on Chevy pickups, including the 2000 c1500. Most of them include a combination of unscrewing the push rod and unplugging the wire connection to the clutch interlock.

Replace clutch cable on a sportbike?

Replace clutch cable on sportsbike

When a vw cabrio's clutch goes out can it break the fly wheel?

A slipping clutch may cause cracks on the flywheel wear surface from excessive heat. The cracks would be reason enough to replace the flywheel when replacing the clutch assembly.

How do you remove and replace a 1993 Mazda b2600 clutch assembly?

Go read the instructions, unless you're too MAN enough to do it.

How do you replace air conditioning clutch on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

go to Get clutch remover and installer. Get feeler gauge. Remove serpentine belt with 1/2" breaker bar. Measure air gap in clutch. Remove shaft nut. Remove clutch with remover. Remove outer snap ring. Remove pulley with pry bars or remover. Remove clutch coil with pry bars or remover. Replace new coil and pulley. Replace snap ring. Replace clutch, maintaining air gap. Reinstall nut. Reinstall belt.

How do you fix the clutch spring on a 1996 Geo Metro?

If you are referring to the little springs inside the clutch assembly itself, you don't fix them, you replace the clutch.See:How_do_you_replace_the_clutch_in_a_96_Geo_MetroIf you mean anything else in there with the clutch, see the above anyway, that'll get you inside.

How do you replace the fan clutch assembly on a 1999 Dodge Durango cost?

If Possible Get rid of your Clutch Fan and go Electric! But to answer the question, remove serpentine belt and use a strap wrench to stop clutch from spinning when you try to remove fan clutch nut from water pump!

Got bad knocking noise when engine is running in neutral put foot on clutch and noise goes what could this be?

The throwout bearing is bad. the throwout attaches to the clutch fork and presses into the clutch pressure plate when clutch is depressed. You will need to replace this and complete clutch assembly. Make sure that you have the flywheel turned while clutch is removed.

What is the cost to replace a clutch in a BMW z3?

what is cost to replace a clutch in a BMW Z3

Where is the fan clutch on a 1999 Dodge Sport Caravan?

It doesn't use a fan clutch. It has electric cooling fans.

Where is the AC clutch relay located on a 1995 Cadillac eldorado?

The 1995 Cadillac Eldorado air conditioning clutch relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The air conditioning clutch relay switch will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

Where is tha magnetic clutch relay on a Toyota 03 4 runner It is a part of the air conditioning system?

its built into your a/c compressor if its failing replace the whole unit.