How do you replace the alternator on a 1987 Honda Accord LX-I?

i have a cold air intake on my car (universal for a 92-00 civic cut to size) so the airbox is out, but all you do is is losen the bottom bolt to allow the alternator to pivit, then you losen the tensioner bolt to remove the belt and the alternator. unplug the clip and undo the bolt that holds the power wire and your set. if you cant get the alternator back in the bottom bracket when installing...jack up the on the right side, remove the tire if it makes it easier, align the bolt hole the best you can (use a small screwdriver to half align it it you need to) then put the bolt in and use a hammer to send it through. connect the wires, belt, and tensioner and wha-la. your done. course i did this in my driveway so a shop makes it eaiser. ive already had it out like 5 times already and check the power wire incase it breaks or if your battery light is on. mine broke up by the battery and i think that its 8 guage wire if not 6 but i used house wire cause they didnt have any wire big enough at autozone.

-Its actually not so "ha that's easy" who ever posted the above comment has obviously never changed an alternator on a late eighties Accord, there are issues specific to these cars that make it difficult to remove the unit, you can A. remove the drive shaft as the manual indicates, or B. remove an engine mount and use a floor jack to raise the engine a bit and remove the alternator via drivers side wheel well.