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If it is the buttons that are integrated into the steering wheel, then you need either a new steering wheel or the button clusters, If you have some experience with a soldering iron, you could try an electronics supply for some 12/14VDC bulbs that are appx size of the ones inside the clusters (have to pop a part).

To replace the steering wheel lamps pry out the switches using a .020 feeler gage.

Dig deep the switch assembly is about one inch deep do not try to just remove the switch cover.

When out turn switch over and push in on the tab to remove the connector.

Pry switch apart from the bottom side. Inside you will see a blue horizontal mounted lamp. The lamp is called a grain of wheat lamp and can be had from a miniature lamp vendor found on line. The blue lamp covering falls apart if you decide to reuse it.

The small 12 volt lamps usually have a life of 200 hours if you are Lucky.

I highly recommend prying out all the steering wheel switches and replacing the lamps with 12 volt green LED's. You will need 7 LED's on the Limited Buick for all the switches.

Mount the LED's vertically so the light is directed to the letters on the switch, height is not a problem.

You should test the circuit to see where the plus and minis is for soldering in the LED on the switch circuit board. I plug the switch circuit board back into the steering wheel connector and put a mark on the circuit board for the plus using a volt meter. Then went and soldered the LED in place.

The LED's work a little brighter then the old lamps. The LED's adjust nicely with the dimmer switch and should last many times over the life of the car.

Have any questions you could email me .


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Q: How do you replace the bulbs in the steering wheel controls in a 2001 Buick LeSabre?
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