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How do you replace the clutch on a Honda Accord?

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You first buy a shop manual. A Haynes or Chilton's repair manual are found easily. Go to the section in the manual on replacing the clutch. Look around on the internet for shop manuals. You just might find some free information. I did. All of the information you will need is in the manual. Its way to much information to write in this section. You will need to buy your clutch plate, friction disc & throw out bearing. Also the pilot tool to line it up before you tighten the bolts. The manual is only $20, you need the manual to do service on your car. I have the original Honda service manual. Its a little expensive but for the person who wants the most accurate knowledge, its a no-brainer. When you have the oem Honda manual you have the right knowledge. You can get by with a Chilton's or Haynes manual. I am a firm believer in oem parts and oem manuals. If you bought a Honda why put parts on it that are inferior to the craftsmanship that you wanted in the first place. Order your parts from Majestic Honda online and you will get oem parts at wholesale price. I order my parts from Majestic Honda and the prices are as cheap as the other after market stores. The amount of work that is required to replace the clutch is intense. This is a part that should be an OEM , original equipment part. If you want that thick friction plate go with Honda parts. The after market part is not as thick as the Honda friction plate. If you have the skills and the time, go forth. If you are not into hard work then take it to a shop that does reputable work.You can get this done in most shops for about a grand. The Honda dealer might take you to the cleaners on this one. I would look for a shop that has a reputation for working on Honda cars. If you can afford it the Honda dealer is no doubt the place to go. During hard times the dealer will give you a good deal. In most situations a smaller town will give you better prices than a large city.

I always look on the out skirts of the city for a shop that's clean and organized. You have to check with the locals and you will find these shops that are sometimes behind a persons house. Some retired or working Honda techs will do work on the side. I look for the Honda tech that is working to come by my house to do work after work or on the weekend. Then you can get expert service at a super discount price. If you can't get a working Honda tech then look for a retired one. They are out there you just have to look hard. Don't fall for the cheap price from the shade tree mechanic. You will pay a higher price in the long run. This job is intense. You will hear people say that's its easy. Don't believe them. It's easy if you do it daily. (transmission specialist) Just replacing the fluid is critical. Low fluid and your transmission is over. Checking all of the components to see if they can reused is very important. (fly wheel resurfacing) A shade tree mechanic will not check everything. He gave you a super low price and your work will in most cases reflect the money that you will pay him. Go with the shop that has the reputation for quality work. The lowest price is generally the worst choice. (not always but generally) Try to find the mechanic that works on transmissions only for this job. Although any good mechanic can do this, a person who only does transmission work can do a better job. That's why you get your brain fixed by a neuro doctor instead of the family doctor. This is a job you don't want to go back into. When a shade tree mechanic breaks a part on your car your price will go up to the price you would have paid at the Honda dealer. High end jobs need a mechanic will good work skills. The site of the work place is generally a good indicator for how your job will look once you get on that dark highway.

In summary, the right wheel knuckle must be removed so the right CV axel can come out. The subframe, exhaust, starter, transmission mount, and linkage must all be removed, in order to remove the transmission and finally clutch. Remember this job is labor intensive because the transmission must be removed, and some specialty tools are required, such as a transmission jack or cherry picker (hoist) along with a tie rod end seperater.

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