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The question you ask is tooinvolved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, andget a repair manual for your car.They cost about $16.00Or, go to a Public Library.

First off, knowing what kind of vehicle you are doing this on, helps ! Axle shafts usually are one complete unit or they are like 2 shafts that make up one, often the transaxle end is an axle rod which is supported by an arbor, the actual axle shaft has the cv joints and it connects to the "axle rod" by way of the aupport arbor.

In removing this type of axle shaft, you don't have to mess w\ the end going into the transaxle, Its suggested that you can remove the axle shaft from the support arbor by tapping it out w\ a plastic mallet ?! Note that in this type of axle setup, you don't have to drain the transaxle fluid.

Otherwise the rest of the procedure for it or regular axle shafts are about the same.. If the axle is going to removed from the transaxle, you should drain the transaxle fluid.

Obviously all safety precautions should be taken w\ respect to jackstands supporting vehicle, wheels blocked, brake on, battery disconnected etc .. I will give generalized steps in how I have removed them..**NOTE, some vehicles may require removal of other components or special tools to complete the job, this is merely generalized!

In some cases you may consider leaving the car on the ground and in gear to LOOSEN the axle nut-Note-you need to unstake the little tab on the nut to be able to loosen it, Raise vehicle, remove wheel,Next loosen or remove the bolt where the ball joint connects to the spindle,In some cases you may have to remove the tie rod end from the spindle or you may need to remove the anti-roll bar bolts from their attaching point, usually a control arm bracket..I usually remove the anti-roll bar bolts from the bracket that attaches it to the control arm, this allows for more movement..

It may be a good idea to have an assistant at this point, or at the least, place a cinderblock or similar object nearby while you attempt to separate the ball joint from the spindle, I sometimes need a hammer to tap on the control arm to help loosen the balljoint from w\in the pinch bolt hole on the spindle.You might have to work it back and forth a little and push down on the control arm enough to get the balljoint out, you can then move the spindle assembly out of alignment w\ the balljoint, you DONT want to pull the spindle assembly towards you as this may over-extend the cv joints and possibly cause pre-mature failure, its been suggested.

An assistant could help to keep the spindle assembly from overextending at this point and offer some manueverability while you begin to remove the axle from the transaxle.

Otherwise you can set the spindle assembly on the cinderblock or other object that keeps the spindle at a level position,

Now, its time to remove the axle from the transaxle.It is said, you need only to use a prybay and gently pry or give a sharp rap w\ a hammer to remove the axle.

I've not found this the case, most often, it takes some brute strength, this depends on the accessibility to the trans side cv joint, if you can get in a couple of prybars one on one side of the shaft, one on the other so you can pry evenly, a little tap may be all it takes, but in most of my situations, you have to get in as best you can on a good angle and hammer away on the prybar.PLEASE note that you need to have some extension in the axle joints otherwise the axle is exerting some pressure on itself and while you're hammering to pry it out, it's working against you! You can fix this by positioning the spindle side joint slightly out from the car or have the assistant help w\ this...

((The thing that holds the axle in, is a C-shaped ring that in it's normal state is larger than the hole the axle passes through, upon insertion or removal the ring is compressed into the groove of the axle, once inside it pops back out.))

So just work at it and it should come out, I've not come across one yet that won't. *WARNING, be careful not to damage the transaxle seal while prying on the cv joint housing,Usually these seals have an outer hard metal casing and though you may end up bending it, doesnt always indicate its going to need replacing.. You'll know if you start seeing trans fluid on the ground <_>

As you are pulling the axle out of the transaxle (or reinstalling one) be careful as the splines could damage the transaxle seal, also be careful not to OVERextend the joints, again, at this point an assitant can be helpful for removing the loosened axle nut and getting the axle out of the spindle, or you may be able to lay the axle on the ground or an object to keep it level w\ the other end of the axle,Then you can remove the loosened axle nut, push or lightly tap the axle through the spindle and viola, axle removed.

There are some variations to how this whole procedure can be done but I outlined what is most common for me, I someone.

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Q: How do you replace the drivers side half shaft?
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When changing cv half-shaft axles on a Ford Escort the shop manual refers to right and left half-shafts so is the left half-shaft on the driver's side or the passenger side?

Left and right is when you are sitting in the car. Drivers is left, passengers is right.

How do you replace the drivers side CV shaft on a 1990 U12 Nissan pintara?

Take a huge poo on your bonnet that should fix it !!haha

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Replace the half shaft.

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The easiest way is to drop it from the bottom. Put the car on a lift, remove the drivers side front wheel, brakes and rotor. You may have to unbolt the a arm to remove the half shaft on the drivers side, I can't remember. After you pull out the drivers side half shaft there are only two transmission mounts and the bolts holding it to the engine. I recommend draining the fluids first. The transmission alone is not that heavy but you may want help taking it out.

How do you replace bad cv joints on a 2001 ford focus?

Just replace the entire half-shaft driveaxle. It is really pointless to try to rebuild a CV joint when it's only $75-$100 for the whole half-shaft driveaxle. NOTE: The passenger side is very easy. The driver's side is notorious for being tough to get out of the transaxle. Good luck.

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100,000 miles and the drivers side rear can be a nightmare i have found it best to take the bolt out of the steering shaft at the sterring box and slide the shaft up and off the spline then swing the shaft out of the way but first mark the shaft to the spline for easy reinstall

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it on the drivers side on the side of the head just below the valve cover it on the drivers side on the side of the head just below the valve cover

97 Saturn Sl2 What would cause a clunking noise in the front end on the drivers side when you reverse with the wheels turned to the right. Could it be an axle shaft.?

The bearing at the wheel end of the shaft is probably crackede or broken. Replace it.

How do you remove the drivers side half shaft on a 1994 Voyager with the 3.0 V6?

First remove the wheel, second remove the nut on the end of the axle shaft, third remove the bolts that hold the bottom of the strut to the knuckle, fourth pull outward on the knuckle to separate the shaft from it. Finally the shaft should pull out of the transmission.

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What about the sun visor...the answer didn't say anything about how to remove and replace the visor

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If it has a 700R4, it is in the tail shaft of the tranny on the drivers side.

What does the intermediate shaft do?

The intermediate shaft is the shaft going to the driver side wheel from the tranny. The shaft is suppose to eliminate what you call torque steer, It comes straight from the tranny and bolts to the engine block with a bearing race to hold the shaft and at that brace is where the half shaft, or drive shaft connects to the intermediate shaft and to the driver side hub.

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== ==

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It is bolted to the side of the tail shaft housing on the transfur case. Drivers side.

Your '97 Dodge Caravan is making a loud noise on the drivers side whenever you accelerate but it doesn't make any other noise. Does anyone know what it could be?

You could have a broken or misaligned motor mount. Which puts the C.V. Joints/ half shaft in a bind. I already said what the problem is you have worn out half shaft because your motor mounts are either misalligned or the mount on the right is broke putting the half shaft in a bind!!!

Where is the transmission speed sensor on a 98 Chevy 1500 AT?

Slide in under the truck on the drivers side and look at the transmission tail shaft ( That is were the drive shaft slides into the transmission ) you will see an electronic device bolted into the side of the tail shaft. It will have a electric connector plugged into it.

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My first thought is that the wheel bearing is failing....replace it soon! The other idea is the front half shaft CV Joint is failing. ( the front wheel shaft on the side the noise comes from)

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Pull very hard. That is all.