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For reference only: Front: Jack up the truck from the one side ( Same as the one you are going to work with) Chuck the other 3 wheels Remove the Center Hub Cup Covers ( If you have Aluminum Wheels) Remove the 5 lugnuts from vehicle Place tire under the truck ( Somewhere in the middle) Look at the Break Calipers ( That is where the brake pads are on) Remove Two bolts ( #10mm) from the back of the caliper and remove the calipers Place a wire hunger on the caliper and find a place to hung it from the frame BE CAREFUL not to pull the hose or kink it Pull out the rotor by hand ( Should be very easy or maybe need to use the 3# alignment tool ( Dead Blow Hammer from the back of the rotor) Thats all for the removal Repeat the same for the other side Before you install the caliper bolts back on the vehicle recommend to put a bit of Anti-Seize on the bolts Installation Reverse the above order and have a safe ride MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING NICE AND TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you replace the front and rear rotors on a 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?
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