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Here is a detailed video that will walk you through the process:

1. You need to access to the caliper bolts, so you turn the wheel/tyre all the way outward. 2. Loosen the 5 wheel nuts and then jack up and remove the tyre/wheel. 3. Use a G clamp to push rotor inward so that oil in the piston is slightly push back to the brake fluid reservoir, until the rotor is almost free from brake pads. 4. Loosen both caliper nuts but DON'T loosen any hydraulic hose, banjo bolts. Never loosen any that will let any brake fluid to escape from the whole braking system. 5. Take out the lower caliper bolt and flip over/up the caliper and remove the old pads and shims. DON'T take the upper caliper bolt off, just loosen to flip it over. 6. Lower down the caliper and use G Clamp to push piston fully back into so that you can put new pads and shims in. 7. Slide out the rotor and file the surfaces flat and de-rust. 8. Put the rotor back, lower the caliper down and tighten both caliper nuts. 9. Put the wheel back and tighten the nuts. 10. Start engine and pump the brake until feel brake is hard enough. 11. Repeat procedure with steps 1 to 10.

N.B. In this procedure, you only remove one bolt on the caliper to change the brake pads and you only remove the 5 nuts on the wheel to access to the caliper. Its a simple job with some cheap general tools.

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Q: How do you replace the front brake pads on a 2001 Sienna?
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