How do you replace the front rotors of a 2001 Pathfinder?

Unfortunately, changing the rotors involves repacking the wheel bearings and then getting the torque settings right when you reassemble the hub. I've been looking into this for a long time. Apparently, one needs a bearing press to get the bearing seals back in properly which can be an expensive proposition. Additionally, this is a critical operation. You have to be able to loosen and replace several bolts without stripping them and making a mistake in repacking the bearings or reassembling the 4wd hub can be near catastrophic to your vehicle (if not you). To get the correct torque settings I am looking into Chilton's Nissan 4wd SUV manual. I am also looking into finding a garage with a press that will do the bearings but then give it back for me to assemble. I would greatly appreciate if anyone else has done this and can share a suggestion or two. The bearing cone and seal can be set in with an inexpensive bearing race tool that you can buy at any pats store and a hammer.