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How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1981 Ford F-100 inline 6?

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This is a big job and if you want to do it get a manual on it and do it right. You will need torque wrench etc. I don't know about thermogasket. There is a chance the head is cracked but it has to be checked when off.

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How do you replace a head gasket located on a 1981 Chevy Citation 2.5L?

Replacing the head gasket on any vehicle is a long and complicated process, however if you wish to see basic step-by-step instructions go to the related question on the right side of the page "How do you replace a head gasket?"

What is the spark plug gap for a 1981 f150 with the inline 6?

.044 inch , according to

Standard gear in the rear end for 1981 Chevy c10 inline 6?

4:11 gear ratio

Why does my 1981 Ford F-150 inline 6 surge when it tries to idle?

A large vacuum leak can do that.

How do you replace the fuse for the dashboard on a 1981 Mercedes 380 sl?

The fuse box is located in the footwell of the drivers side by the accellorator pedal. They simply pop out

Where is the ecm located on a 1981 Chevy Silverado?

no ECM's in a 1981

What is the firing order for a 1981 dodge ram inline 6 engine?


How do you replace 1981 Chevy ignition cylinder?

== ==

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 1981 Chevy Celebrity?

Chevy didn't make a 1981 Celebrity

Where is the computer located in the 1981 Corvette?

There is no computer.

Where is the oil sending unit located on 1981 Pontiac Bonneville 265 engine?

The oil sending unit is located on the 1981 Pontiac Bonneville 265 engine is located on the Starter Disable Kit.

What different size and make of 6 cylinder's are in a 1981 CJ 7?

From the factory only one six cylinder was a option. 258 AMC inline six!

Can you replace the 350 engine in a 1981 silverado with a crate motor?


Where is the ecu located on a 1981 Camaro?

It doesn't have one. 1981 has a carburetor, Everything on it is simply electrical, no computer.

1981 Chevy v-6 valve cov leak?

If your 1981 Chevy V6 it leaking oil you can try simply tightening the bolts if they are loose. If that doesn't work then replacing the gasket is not a big job.

Where is the battery located in a 1981 Corvette?

Behind the driver's seat.

Where is the relay on 1981 dodge2.2l K-car?

The relay on a 1981 Dodge 2.2 L is located in the battery unit.

Replacing thermostat housing on a 1981 ford pickup?

Unbolt it and bolt on the new one. It's located at the engine end of the upper radiator hose. Make sure to clean ALL the old gasket material off and to orient the new thermostat EXACTLY as the old one was when you took it out.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1981 Honda Civic?

Not the left from the front

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 1981 Dodge van?

front or rear wheel drive?

I have an 1981 Chevy 350 that's has a leaking valve passenger side valve cover. i replaced the gasket twice but is still leaking. any ideas bent valve cover maybe?

Probably a bent valve cover from overtightening Replace or try to straighten then tighten to 10 inch lbs. only

What year did Jeep switch to the serpentine belt on the 4.2 liter 258ci inline 6?

Serpentine Belt 4.2L - 87.2" - 6 Rib - 1981-1986 - Jeep CJ5, CJ7, CJ8, & SJ

Where is sending unit for fuel gauge located on 1981 Chevy truck?

in the fuel tank

Where is the fuse pannel located in the 1981 Corvette?

Should be located under the drivers side dash panel just to the left of the steering column

Why is ignition key hot on a 1981 corolla The key will not turn to start. Is it the ignition switch andor the locking barrell assembly.?

replace the ignition swith. replace the ignition swith.