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You have to start by draining the coolant from the radiator into a container as you can reuse it. And then you have to disconnect the positive terminal of the battery. After that you have to remove the serpentine belt.

Follow the following steps:

Above car:

1, Remove alternator and brackets from engine. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE WIRES. Place alternator out of the way.

2, Unbolt and remove the Power Steering pump. DO NOT REMOVE THE HIGH PRESSURE LINES. Place Power steering pump out of the way. Remove Intake manifold to power steering support bracket.

3, Disconnect TV cable and throttle cable from throttle body (ie the carburetor)

4, Remove valve cover and disconnect all vaccum and sensor lines from the top of engine that may be attached to the head or intake manifold.

5, Loosen all rocker arm nuts and remove the pushrods from the engine. KEEP THE PUSHRODS IN THE ORDER THAT YOU REMOVED THEM.

6, Starting with the outside bolts loosen all the head bolts but do not remove them


1, Unbolt the exhaust pipe to exhaust manifold bolts. Seperate and support the Exhaust.

FINAL STEP: Remove all the head bolts and remove the head from the car.

From there you Should be able to figure it all out.

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Q: How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1995 Chevy Corsica 2.2L?
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