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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 VW Golf?


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2015-07-15 19:04:56

Try this site I found for a guide.....

2006-11: Unfortunately, all the images at this site have disappeared, leaving no information. Try looking at the very detailed answer in this set on how to change the headlight bulb on a 2002 TDi - it's the same procedure.

Description of proceedure and Images are available here:


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To replace the high-beam headlight bulb on a Volkswagen Golf, first the back cover of the headlight compartment must be removed. This allows access to clips that hold the bulbs in place; from there, the bulbs can be changed.

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puch the knob on the headlight switch in, then turn it clockwise about a quarter inch, then pull it out. Its actually very easy.

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The headlight bulbs on a 1992 VW Golf are replaced by pulling the wiring harness on the rear of the bulb and twisting the bulb. The bulb can then be removed and a new bulb locked into place.

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Remove the headlight retaining bolts. The retaining bolts can be access through the engine compartment. Remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new headlight.

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Just changed the alternator on my 2000 vw golf and now can't get the alternator belt back on - any suggestions?

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