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Mazda 6 Low Beam InstallInstalling low beams on a Mazda 6 is actually very easy and will take about 15 minutes with hand tools (a dental mirror helps alot). Don't ask about high beams, getting to those looks really hairy!

First pop the hood -obviously. The low beams on a 6 are the outermost lights in the lamp assembly.

Before you go and try to get to the bulbs disconnect the battery terminals, remove the fuse box cover and unbolt the square coolant tank on the passenger side of the car and move it off to the side.*

For the driver side headlight, turn the wheel to the passenger side and remove or just drop inner fender liner. About a dozen little plastic rivets and 2 metal screws holding on mudguard. You really don't have to unscrew the screws holding the fender liner to the bottom of the front bumper you can just pull it down to access the back of the headlight.

DO NOT disconnect any of the hoses on the coolant tank or there is a circular plastic cover on the housing behind the low beams. These each will unscrew and pop off. Once you take these off it is a simple matter of removing and replacing the low beam bulb.

The bulb is held in by a metal latch. It is a wire that looks like a loop off a paper clip. disconnect by just push down and inwards (toward the middle of the car) on it and it'll pop up. Pivot it up out of the way and the bulb will pull right out. (actually, they both push towards the left if you are standing in front of the car looking at the headlights)

Replace the bulb and make sure you note how the old bulb was installed as it will only go back in one way. ALSO make sure you do not touch the bulb itself as the oil from your skin will cause the bulb to have hot spots and burn out sooner.

Reverse the process for the install making sure you get the metal tabs to latch in properly and make sure you secure the circular covers back onto the headlight housing. Also make sure you securely reattach the coolant tank and put the fuse box cover back on.

NOTE: I along with this website are not responsible for any damages you cause to yourself, the car or anything else for that matter! This is just how I personally did mine and is not in any way endorsed by Mazda or the Ford Motor Company. If you manage to seriously injure yourself changing a headlight bulb just chalk it up to Darwinism.

By the way, Mazda began making the mazda6 in 2004. There is no such thing as a 2003 mazda6.

Uh, wrong about this! I own a 2003 Mazda 6 which I bought in late 2002. I saw my first Mazda on a showroom floor in October, 2002 and bought one in November 2002.

WHY CANT YOU REMOVE THE COOLANT OVER FLOW HOSE? YOU CAN REMOVE IT, NOTHING HAPPENS AND IT GIVES YOU MORE ROOM TO WORK. THERE IS NOOOO REASON WHY YOU CANT. IT ALSO HELPS TO REMOVE THE AIR FILTER COMPARTMENT TOO.The guy who initially answered this is taking way too many steps. You can do the whole process just under the hood. Don't waist your time taking the fender/wheel-well cover out, the fuse box cover off, and no, don't take any hoses off. That's ridiculous!You can change all bulbs standing directly in front of the car-the driver's side is a little harder than the passenger's side due to less space to work in, but it can still be done. I have changed them myself quite a few times, (finally fixed the short).And....yes, there is a 2003 model...I own one. Do your research before you add comments and embarrass yourself and don't overwork yourself. 'Work smarter-Not harder.'I was trying to think of others way to replace the headlights and did it in a much easier way in my opinon. All i did was popped out the pop screws in the wheel well, and removed the screws on the very bottom. Then you can just move the plastic in the wheel well to the side. Then you can come in from the back of the lights directly. If anyone has questions let me know, more then happy to help.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Mazda 6?
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