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How do you replace the heater blower in a 1992 Honda Accord?


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Remove the glove box. Remove the glove box lower frame. The blower motor will be on the right hand side under the dash. Three 10 mm screws hold it in place(2 on top, one on bottom). After removing screws pull the blower motor forward and up (there is a little lip on the bottom left corner that needs to clear a piece of metal). There will be three harnesses connected in the lowere right side of the blower. Good luck.

just follow the link to the right and the text below that's how I replaced mine this morning

First, remove the glove box...easy three screwstotal. Two on the bottom, and one holding the shock on the right side. Second, remove the metal bar that is behind the glove box...fourphillips screws. Third, remove the two bolts securing the dash on theright side. Fourth, remove the small RH kick plate...pull hard it hasthree clips. Fifth, remove the two screws on the bottom of the fanhousing and remove the bottom diffuser...small plastic peice. Sixth,remove the front center metal clip and remove this small plastic piece. Seventh, pull the carpet back on the passenger side and remove thefour nuts securing the computer to the floor board and swing it out tothe left. Next, disconnect the neg terminal on the battery and removethe three plugs that were near the RH kick plate.

Now comes the fun part. The dash will be hindering the removal of theblower motor housing. First, remove the metal band securing the blowermotor housing and the heater core housing together. It's one 10mm boltat the top. This band clips to another band securing the two housingtogether on the back side. You will also need to remove the two smallphillips screws securing the rear band to the blower on the top and one on the bottom. The rear band gets inthe way when removing the housing. So when the housing assembly dropsremove the rear band from the top...set this part in first oninstallation. Last, remove the four 10mm nuts securing the blowermotor housing to the firewall. One more thing...on the side of the dash facing the door, there are two more bolts hidden under color keyed caps (about 1" in diameter). Pop off the caps carefully so as not to break off tabs, then remove the two bolts (10mm). Now, the housing can be removed by carefully pulling back on the dash while guiding the housing assembly down and to the left. Be careful not to pull agressively on the dash. It's sturdy, but will crack if you are too rough.A local (Canadian)Honda dealer quoted 440.00 plus taxes to replace the motor. I purchased a motor from an aftermarket dealer for 215.00 and did the labor myself. I saved over 200.00 and spent 4.5 hours on my side with an LED headlamp on. But now I have more gas money for fishin'!!