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On the passenger side up under the dash locate the blower and unplug the wires remove three screws (8 mm ) and drop the motor down and replace

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Q: How do you replace the heater blower motor on a 1999 Nissan Quest?
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Where is the heater blower relay located on a 1996 Nissan Quest?

where the relay for rear blower in Nissan quest 1997

Nissan Quest blower motor?

The Nissan Quest blower motor is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The blower motor can be found on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

Where is the rear ac blower on a 2004 Nissan Quest?

hi the ac blower motor from Nissan quest 2004 is going to on the back is on the 3rd panel raight side

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 2001 Nissan Quest?

The 2001 Nissan Quest blower motor resistor is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The blower motor resistor will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2004 Nissan Quest van?

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2004 Nissan Quest

94 Nissan Quest front heater and air just quit working no power at all in front What could it be?

Your resistor is probably bad. Order a new one on line and replace it yourself. The resistor is located right next to the heater blower, which is under the dash, under the glove box.

How do you fix an ac that only blows on high on a 1999 Nissan Quest?

Probably need to replace the blower resistor. The blower is probably bad also. You can get the parts at Rock Island Auto on the web

How do you replace spark plugs on a 1999 Nissan Quest?

Replace it

How do you change a water pump in a 96 Nissan Quest van?

how to replace waterpump on 96 nissan quest

How to replace motor mounts on a Nissan Quest?

2005 nissan quest replacing rear motor mount

How do you change the blower resistor and blower motor in a 1994 Nissan quest?

under glove box passenger side

How hard is it to replace a water pump on a 1995 Nissan quest 3.0 mini van?

how to replace water pump on Nissan quest 3.0 1995

How to replace rear wiper on Nissan Quest?

This is a tet

Where is the heater core in a Nissan Quest 2000?

Under the dashboard in the passenger side

Can you get a diagram of the blower motor resistor of 2002 Nissan Quest?

check out bluestreak aka standard.

How do you replace wheel bearing on 2004 Nissan Quest?

We just had this issue with our 2004 Nissan Quest SE, we had to purchace the whole wheel hub assemby from Nissan for about $195.

How do you replace your lost Nissan Quest key?

Take your car vin # and go your Nissan dealer.

Where is the thermostat in a 1992 Nissan Quest or how do you replace the thermostat in a 1992 Nissan Quest?

Follow the lower radiator hose from the radatoro to the engine. The lower hose is attached to the thermostat at the engine. Are you haveing problems with the engine warming up but the heat not blowing as hot as it should? Consider the heater core.

Where is the knock sensor located in Nissan quest 2000 and how to replace it?


How do you replace the EGR valve in a 1999 Nissan Quest?

I'm Trying To Change The EGR valve ON My 1999 Nissan Quest How Difficult Is It Going To Be, Please Help

How to replace rear driver side sliding door lock on a 2005 Nissan Quest?

how to replace a blown bulb behine my 99 quest speedometer

Where is the heater core on a 1999 Nissan Quest?

Located diretly behind the center console and it is a real pain to get to. Try buying the Haynes manual for the Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest and it helps somewhat.

When do you replace a timing chain on 06 Nissan Quest?

To my knowledge the Nissan Quest does not use a timing chain, it uses a timing belt, with a replacement interval of 105,000 miles.

How do you replace an oxygen sensor in 97 Nissan quest?

you take it to the people to fix it.

How do you replace fuel pump1999 Nissan Quest?

This requires removal of the fuel tank.