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Heater core should be behind glove box. Remove glove box and screws( approx. 8) that holds cover in place. Pop hood and look for two hot water lines running into firewall at that location(passenger side) Remove lines by loosening hose clamps(advisable to replace) Remove heater core from inside and replace.

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Q: How do you replace the heater core on a 86 F-250?
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How do you replace the heater core in a 86 Lincoln mark 7?

You have to drop the steering column and pull the dash. Then after locating the heater core case below windshield you have to cut out a piece with a Dremel. After replacing the heater core you have fun putting everything back together..(use plastic weld to seal the case back up).in other words don't do it yourself it is a huge pain.

How do you replace a heater core in a 86 Olds Cutlass Supreme 5L RWD with AC?

NOT AN EASY JOB all of the av ducts have to come out from under the eash. Get a manual on your car and it should have pictures.

How do you change the heater core in a 1998 f 150?

my 86 is about the same and i took out the screws of the glove box and started on the dash board screws then loosened the bolts on fire wall which is the heater core back, the bolts on the right i had to cut off with a mider saw very rusty. take off the cable under the hood left side and pull heater core box out disemble and put in a new core for 26 dollars and redoo.

You have coolant in your 86 GT but seem to get no heat the passenger floor is wet with coolant and the heater core has been replaced by the owner before you?

Sounds like 1: the heater core was never fixed or 2: the coolant system wasn't filled and purged properly. if the car is loosing coolant and overheating i would check the heater core. if its low on coolant or has air in the coolant lines you wont get any heat either.

How do you install a cylinder freeze core plug on a 86 Ford Thunderbird?

If one is rusted you might as well replace them all and that requires removal of the engine

How much electric watts does a immersion heater ues?


How many core electrons does radium have?

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What years does your new process 208F transfer case fit its out of an 85 ford F-150?

80-86 Full size Bronco 80-86 F150, F250, F350

How much to replace injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r?

To replace the injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r, simply refer to your user and service manual.

Where is the blower motor on a 86 Chevy Celebrity?

The heater blower motor is under the hood bolted to the heater plenum on the passenger side of the car.

86 trans am heater core removal?

its not that hard,it took me about 4 hrs to remove and install a new one you do not need to remove the dash,just a little tight to get a socket in there a number 7 socket is all you need. good luck

No heat on a 86 xjs v12 but blower and ac work fine and there is no mention of any heat related fuses etc in manual help?

check and see if the thermostat been removedcheck to see if the heater core has been bypassed. if the heater core was leaking at some time in the past, the previous owner may have bypassed it (with a 2 dollar hose bypass kit) instead of actually fixing the leak. this was the case on my 1990 xj6.

If the 2n number is 86 then the n number must be?

n=43. 2n=86 is the same as saying 2 of what is 86? or 2 x n = 86? (replace "of" with x and "is" with =) REad it like an equation. so, 2x43=86 and n=43

86 Celica gts blows no heat?

As with most vehicles, with coolant reservoir full, engine running, warmed up and hood open, feel the heater hoses with your hands. If both hoses are luke warm or cold, you may need a new thermostat. If one hose is hot and the other is luke warm or cold, the heater core is probably plugged up, in which case you can try flushing the heater core. If both hoses are hot, you probably have a problem with the temp blend door in the HVAC system behind the dash assembly.

How do you replace the washer pump on a 86 olds 98?

Get a hammer, and break it

How do you replace and thread the belts on a 1986 Nissan 4WD pickup?

Is it the 86 or 86.5?

Can you replace a 86 2.9 with 98 3.0 in a ranger?

Yes, but you must replace the blinker fluid prior to starting the replacement engine.

Where is Map sensor location on 86 ford bronco?

High on firewall, on passenger side. Between heater assembly and motor.

Where do you check the transmission fluid on a 86 F250 A T in-line 6-cylinder engine?

There should be a dipstick at the very back of the engine. It should be gray and say transmission.

How do you replace front rotor on 86 suburban?

Two wheel or Four wheel drive?

Where is the dual tank fuel switch on a 86 ford f150?

it is on the dash board by the heater and ac. it says front fuel rear.

Can I replace my carburetor with a throttle body on an 86 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You would have to do a full conversion to Fuel Injected. This means that you would have to replace the head.

How do you replace thermostat on a 86 mercury topaz?

Follow top rad. hose. It's in that housing.

Heater not working in 86' Honda prelude?

You could check the hoses connected to the heater are still in good shape. You can also check the fuses associated with the heater (ie: blower motor) to make sure thay aren't blown. There's the possiblity that the heater element may have broken down, which can happen given the age of the car.

How do you change a heater core on a 86 pontaic firebird?

I have successfully completed this repair but be forewarned it is time consuming and occasionally frustrating due to the extreme tight space you will have to work in.In the Engine Compartment#1. You will need to raise the front end of the car. Either drive onto a pair of ramps or jack the car and support on jackstands.#2. Disconnect your battery's negative power cable.#3. Drain the radiator.#4. Remove the drain hose from the bottom of the heater case.#5. Place a bucket or pan beneath the heater case( near the firewall where the heater hoses attaches to the heater core).#6. Disconnect the heater hoses (2 in number). They are small tube-like hoses that are clamped to the end of the heater core. Allow any fluid in the hoses to drain into the bucket/pan. NOTICE: The hoses will be firmly fastened, if not fused to the core. You may have to cut and twist the hoses where they attache the to the metal tube ends of the heater core and replace with a new hoses upon completion.In the Interior of the Car#7. Work on the passenger side. Push the passenger seat as far back as possible. As odd as it sounds it, it may be better to sit upside down with your legs hanging over the back of the passenger seat to comfortably reach all the components. You must remove all the screws on the underside of the dashboard just above the floor mat area on the passenger side only.#8. You should make a simple drawing of where each screw you removed came from and the order that you removed it. This will make returning all screws and parts infinitely easier!. Place the screws in a secure container. Do MIX NOT THEM UP with screws that you will find in areas of the dashboard not normally visible.#9. Working from Right to Left remove all screws from the aforementioned area(s) until until you reach the radio/heater console. This will cause the dash to disassemble section by section. You will also have to allow the floor light and it's wiring to hang freely. Pay particular attention to the screws and nuts/bolts and securely place aside.Remove the heater duct outlet(large panel-like pieces of plastic)and glove box.Make a simple drawing and note where all parts go. It is not necessary to remove the heater or radio. You will find many invisible screws in the underside of the dash. This process will take approximately 3 to 5 hours over a 2 -3 day period.#10. When you have removed all the duct work/panels. You will see a plastic cover over the heater core. Pull straight back--Do not Twist! Failure to follow direction may break the core's drain pipe.#11. Remove the heater cover clamps and remove the actual core. CAUTION: The core is made of metal and has very sharp ends and corners. Wear gloves when attempting to remove/install.Reverse all instructions to install new core.