How do you replace the ignition switch in a 94 Saturn SIR?

The ignition switch is located about 18 inches above the floor on the steering column and is held on with 2 screws.

I just did one in my 96 this weekend.

Remove the cover below the steering wheel (5.5mm socket)

Pop off the info ring around the iginition keyhole

Remove the collar behind the steering wheel (5.5mm sockets)

The switch sits at the end of the aluminum block your key goes in.

The screws holding the switch to the back of the lock cylinder are 5.5mm

You will need to remove the 2 nipple bolts connecting the cylinder to the steering column, I used a #3 rounded bolt head extractor I got at sears, they have a 5 piece kit that connects to your drill ($19.99)

I got the switch at autozone for $69

Also check the wiring in the harness going to the ignition switch, I had the black wire melted. It was the return for the chime that goes off when key is in the ignition and you open the door, I also had the 30A IGN4 fuse blown.