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You will need what is called"radio keys" these can be purchased at the dealer. They are used to slide in the ac control unit. Once out get soem needle nose pliers and remove the bulb. good luck!!

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How do I replace the light bulbs behind the temp control section of the dashboard on a 2001 Passat?

Remove the cover around the controls and you will see the bulbs inside the climate control unit. It just pulls off.

Replace light bulb 2006 Chevy equinox climate control?

How can I replace the climate control light on a 2006 Chevy Equinox? Both my heat control and fan speed light are out.

How do you change the light bulb for the heater control on a 2006 Tahoe?

To change the light bulb for the heater control on the 2006 Tahoe, you will either need to replace the entire climate control panel or remove and re-solder the bulbs. You can remove the bulbs by first removing the dashboard bezel and then the dash itself. Access the bulbs and pull them out of the control panel. Solder new bulbs into the panel.?æ

How do you replace the climate control light on 2002 Toyota 4runner?

I went to the dealer, and I have been quoted $90.00 to replace the climate control nob light bulb. How do I get to the dash board to replace it?

How do you change light bulbs for climate control on magnum?

You don't replace the lights in the dash board climate control. It is a singular control module. Once the lights in it burn out, that's it. You either replace it for a few hundred bucks or just live with it. A quick and cost effective way to get light in that area is to buy a little 12 volt light that you plug into the cigarette lighter with a flexible neck.

Haw to change light bulbs in climate control panel acura integra 1995 special edition?

When changing the lights on a 1995 Acura Integra remove the dash on the center console and pull it off. Remove all the accessories and reach the old bulbs. Replace the bulbs.

Can I replace my exterior house light bulbs with HPS bulbs?


Can you replace an ordinary light bulb with an LED?

Yes, you can replace ordinary light bulbs with an LED.

94 F150 blinkers not working?

If the left or right bulbs light up but don't blink, replace the flasher. If none of the bulbs light up, check the fuse. If one or more bulbs are not lighting up, replace the bulbs.

Which can you do to reduce the power consumption in your home?

Replace your 75-watt light bulbs with 40-watt light bulbs!

How do you replace passenger side head light bulbs in a 2000 Honda Accord?

How to replace passenger side head light bulbs in a 2000 Honda Accord?

How do you access climate control module to change light bulbs on 95 Lincoln mark viii?

remove module and remove top. have to sodder new bulbs in. or can buy one on eBay for about 30.00

How do you replace the light bulbs behind the air conditioning and radio controls on a 1996 Buick Park Avenue?

This is a bit dissapointing, but.... you dont in my 98 park avenue the "bulbs" that light up the A/C control are led bulbs, attached to a circuit board. So the only way to really replace them is to either get a new heater control, or solider new led lights to the circuit board.

How to Replace Volkswagen polo brake light bulbs?

To replace the brake light bulbs on a VW Polo, pull away the carpeting in the trunk, unscrew the bolt holding the lights on, and disconnect the wiring. Replace the bulbs, put the wiring and bolts back, then replace the carpeting.

Why part of the dashboard gauges light are off?

Bad light bulbs.... Replace them...

Reverse light on suburban won't come on?

you got to replace to light bulbs

How do you replace 1997 LEXUS LS-400 parking light bulbs?

To replace the parking light bulbs, remove the screw on top of the headlight and pop out the clearance light. The parking light bulb will be accessible after this removal.

How do you replace the headlights on a 1996 VW Golf?

the whole light or just he bulbs?? just the bulbs

What bulbs does a corsa ecoflex 1.3 take?

It depends on which bulb you wish to replace. Headlamp, stop light, reverse light, heater control illumination? This question is "too general" to answer.

How do you replace the climate control light bulb on a 1999 Intrepid?

When you pull the climate control out, you will see 3 little white circles through the back of the housing. Turn those counter clockwise and pull them out.

How do you replace dash light bulbs in 2003 Saturn Ion?

There are no individual bulbs, just LED's in the dials, and you will have to replace the entire instrument cluster.

How do you replace bulbs in your 1998 Ford Expedition ac heater control?

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; Light Bulbs

How do you replace Dash light bulbs in a 1995 Mercury Villager?

You have to remove the instrument cluster to get access to the bulbs.

How do you change the light bulb behind the climate control display on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

You can't change out the lights. The bulbs are soldered into the climate control board. Which is very stupid because I have bought two separate controls and everyone has been burned out. The only thing a person can do is find a person who works on electronics and have then find bulbs and soldered them in.

Citroen xsara Picasso dashboard light bulbs?

Citroen xsara Picasso dashboard light bulb is the bulb that's for the dashboard light climate control. The you tube web site gives you information as how to change the bulb.