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How do you replace the light in a 2002 Honda clock?


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2015-07-15 21:43:25
2015-07-15 21:43:25
I have a 2000 acord with the rectangular clock in the center of the panel. I just took a wide flate blade like a butter knife and inserted it in the gap at the bottom of the clock and worked it out. I first tried the top but is has to be the bottom. The light has a very small plstic base that just quarter turns out. I now have to see if Honda has a replacement.Since you don't know what model you have, I'll offer this: Remove the screw around the dash instrument panel pull the instrument panel out carefully, remove the top 3 connectors replace the bulbs in back as needed. reassemble. Keep in mind this applies to some hondas, maybe not you model. Especially if the clock is not in your IP.

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The clock on a 2002 Honda Civic can be reset in two ways. Removing the right tire will allow access to the clock controls. Our using the radio buttons to select the appropriate time.

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