How do you replace the motor mounts on a 1993 Chevy Blazer S-10 4.3?

to replace the motor mounts on a Chevy blazer you need a basic 1/2 in. impact gun, and a cherry picker or engine crane/hoist, pick the motor up to take the weight off the mounts just enough to take some of the weight off the mountsthe mounts are located on the botom side of the engine, between the engine and the frame, remove the y pipe and front skid plate if equiped, unbolt the (2) bolts on the sides of the motor where the motor mount bolts to the frame. after the bolts are out there are 3 bolts, on each side, that hold the motor mount plate to the engine, the motor mount then should come off the engine, then put the new mounts in and reverse the prosess, be sure to apply the emergency brake and take all safety precautions, a helper is always nice i give this on a scale of 1-5 a 3 in dificulty takes about 3 hrs to do on your own with moderate mechanical skills