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How do you replace the motor mounts on a 95 F150 5L 2WD truck?


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2010-05-26 06:53:01
2010-05-26 06:53:01

Lock and Block rear wheels,

Remove frame nut to both motor mounts,

*Remove transmission nuts (so transmission doesn't bind)

Remove engine bolts - this may or may not be easier with a breaker bar and the wheel removed, try penetrating oil and let sit for a while if it's very tight.

Now either lift engine from above with engine lift, or place a block of wood between jack and oil pan or similar sturdy surface.

Remove mounts, replace.

Lower and tighten (~75lbs/ft) :)


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Need to know what model year and what engine in order to answer this. The F150 name has been in use since 1975, and the mounts for a 1975 with a straight six are going to be different from a 2014 with a V8.

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First engine ? 5.8L v8? no mounts are different between both now tranny is it 5sp or auto

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