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Lock and Block rear wheels,

Remove frame nut to both motor mounts,

*Remove transmission nuts (so transmission doesn't bind)

Remove engine bolts - this may or may not be easier with a breaker bar and the wheel removed, try penetrating oil and let sit for a while if it's very tight.

Now either lift engine from above with engine lift, or place a block of wood between jack and oil pan or similar sturdy surface.

Remove mounts, replace.

Lower and tighten (~75lbs/ft) :)

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Q: How do you replace the motor mounts on a 95 F150 5L 2WD truck?
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1977 f150 4x4s were not made with 302 engines in them Do you need custom motor mounts if you want to put this engine in the truck?

I am not a Ford man but motor mounts for a 351W engine may be what you want.

What is the Price of motor mounts in Ford F 150 truck?

Need to know what model year and what engine in order to answer this. The F150 name has been in use since 1975, and the mounts for a 1975 with a straight six are going to be different from a 2014 with a V8.

How do you change the brakes on a f150 truck?

go to following link you will get the answer:

Will a 1994 F150 4X4 truck 58 cc engine fit into 1997 F150 4X4 truck and are the transmission the same?

First engine ? 5.8L v8? no mounts are different between both now tranny is it 5sp or auto

Where do you get a directions on how to replace a EGR Valve on a 2000 F150 V8 Truck?

The Internet.

Can you replace oil pump on 1978 f150 with 351 winsor without lifting motor?

Yes, you can replace the oil pump in a 1978 F150 with 351 Winsor without lifting the motor. To replace the oil pump you will need the proper tools and supplies.

What would have to be changed to replace a 1990 F150 302 engine with a 1992 351?

very little would have to be changed.i think the motor mounts are ok just have to change wiring harness.and other small things.

How much does it cost to replace a windshield in a F150 Harley Davidson truck?

around $150.00

How do you remove the oil pump on a f150 v8 Triton motor?

need instrution for removing the oil pump from f150 v8 1997 4.6 truck

Will a 1987 302 mustang motor fit in my 1993 f150 truck with fuel injected 302?

Yes ... the 302s are all the same....the engine mounts are different and the transmission bell housing may be slightly different, but the engines are all the same.

How do you replace freeze plugs between the motor and transmission on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

how do you replace the freeze plugs between the transmision and motor on a 1997 f150 5.4

How do you replace an oil pump on a 1988 Ford F150?

You will need to unbolt the motor and transmission from their mounts. jack up the motor, drain and remove the lower oil pan. That should give you access to the pump. If your going to do it you might want to change your main barrings at the same time.

What engine came standard in 1987 Ford F150 truck with 302 motor?

5000cc engine will fit .

What motor will fit in a 1998 ford f150 truck?

The Ford motor company recommends you use 10W-30 weight motor oil in the 1998 Ford F1 50 truck. A heavier weight motor oil can be used in extreme climates.

How much would it cost to replace the ball joints on an 2003 f150 pickup truck?

When replacing parts of a car, it is important to know the general cost of the fixes. To replace the ball joints for a 2003 F150 pickup truck, it is going to cost a person $40-$60 to do it on their own.

Will 5.4 liter Heads fit on a4.6 liter motor?

This is for a Ford F150 1997 Pick Up Truck.

What causes hesitation and bucking on F150 truck?

what causes hesitation on ford f150 truck

Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 1995 ford f150 wiith a 302 motor?

Its located in front of the oilfilter on left side of engine

How do you replace the antenna on a 2001 Ford F150 Truck?

I had to replace mine after it broke. All I did was remove the OLD stub with a crescent wrench and replace it. It took about 1 minute. That is all you have to do.

How i you change the battery terminal on a 2002 ford f150 truck?

Disconnect and remove the battery. Cut off the spoiled terminal and replace. Replace battery. Reconnect.

How do you replace turn signal flasher on 2004 ford f150 truck?

location of flasher relay ford 150 2004

Where is the PCV valve on a 2004 f150 5.4l?

I have a 2004 Ford truck F150 V8 5.4 L .. do I need to replace the PCV valve that is causing bad back up condensation

Will a 4.6L engine from a 1991 Lincoln town car fit into a 2001 F150?

it will fit, just be sure the motor mounts hook up or you'll have to make adjmts.

What would it cost to rebuild a transmission and motor in a 1992 f150?

$2500+/- That's still alot cheaper than a new truck.

Where is the blower motor resistor in 2005 ford f150?

it is behind the glove box for the 2004-2008 F150 truck. There is a connector with four pins in it and this part is held in place with 2 bolts only. I is more on the right hand side of the blower motor assembly