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'98 Taurus Power Antenna MotorOn my '98 Taurus SE, the antenna motor is near the rear fender on the driver's side. Remove the trunk liner and you find all sorts of things. I think the motor is or is inside the black box between a brace and the quarter panel.

It is also possible to find a replacement mast. I found a source on eBay and paid about $15 for just the mast / nylon drive part.

In my case, the repair did require the antenna be opened up (2 mounting bolts, and 4 small cover screws), but many times the mast can be repaired just from the outside.

Try a search on "Taurus antenna mast repair" - that should get you started.

take it to the Ford dealership

u can disconeect power from antenna at the back of the radio. the electric motor has a stripped gear on it. a replacement is not expensive, but you can remove antenna assembly and replace with a normal antenna in the same place

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Q: How do you replace the power antenna motor on a 1998 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?
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