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To replace the radio antenna on the 1990 Jetta you simply unscrew it (counter-clockwise) and screw the new one clock-wise.

If you are replacing antenna with off the shelf product

You will probably have to remove the wheel, wheel well fender protector, to have access to the bolt for the antenna

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:45:49
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Q: How do you replace the radio antenna on a 1990 Jetta Volkswagen?
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How do you replace the radio antenna on a 1995 jetta?

Remove the front wheel , antenna side and wheel to gain access to the antenna's nut

How do you replace radio antenna on 87 volkswagen cabriolet?

the actual antenna mast can be accessed from underneath the driver-side fender flare. Hope that gets you on your way!

How do you find a code for a radio on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL?

the radio code is on the back of the radio. take the radio out and you can see it.

Where can you locate radio codes for a 1998 volkswagen jetta?

You can go to the dealer they can look it up for you.

Where do you find the wiring diagram for the stereo in a 96 VW Jetta?

How do you replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz?

To replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz you first need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, insert the new antenna and screw into place.

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 2003 Elantra?

Manual antenna on Elantra. Unscrew the screw on top of the antenna pull out the insert antenna and replace with new one. Simple as can be.

How do you install a universal antenna?

Remove the old antenna. Attach the universal antenna to the radio and replace the radio after finishing the task. Install the new antenna. Test to ensure the wiring works.

How do you replace a broken radio antena on a 2004 gmc envoy?

To replace a broken radio antenna on a 2004 GMC Envoy you need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, place the new antenna in the hole and screw into place.

Can you replace an XM radio antenna with any other antenna like a 3ft hard cb antenna?

You can replace an XM radio antenna with a CB antenna, a ham 40-meter mobile antenna, a cellphone antenna, a GPS antenna, a TV antenna, a wire coat hanger, a 6 GHz microwave antenna, or a chain of paperclips. However, since none of them is optimized to operate at the frequencies of XM radio, like the XM antenna is, none of the others will work as well. Most of them will likely be so inefficient at the satellite radio frequencies that when you use one of those, you hear nothing at all on your radio.

How do you replace Toyota rav4 radio antenna?

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Where can you find a free factory radio wiring diagram for 2003 vw jetta?

2003 Jetta Monsoon Premium Wiring Schematics: 2003 Jetta Factory Wiring Schematics: ..hope that helps you out some

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