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How do you replace the rear speakers in a 2000 Park Avenue with the Concert III sound system?

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Remove the rear speaker covers from your 2000 Buick Park Ave. Remove the rear speaker retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new rear speakers.

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If you have and factor system with an amplifier and your rear speakers go out do you need a new system?

No you can just replace rear speakers.

You want to upgrade your 2007 jeep liberty sound system what do you need to get you want to replace all of the speakers with ones that have more watts but how big and what else do you need thank you?

I am in the process of replacing the factory speakers in my wife's 2002 Liberty. Unfortunately, the deck does not drive the speakers, there are small amps in each of the front door speakers. Therefore, you cannot replace them with aftermarket speakers unless you replace the deck as well. The other option is to replace them, add an amp and rewire the entire system. This is not what I bargained for when I started this project but in the end it will be a lot better system then the factory system.

Can I replace the car speakers in my car, but keep the same stereo system in place?

Yes, all you have to do in this circumstance is reconnect the speaker cables to the speakers.

Are TV speakers able to be replaced?

It is possible to replace your TV speakers. However, you will probably end up with better sound quality if you disconnect the internal speakers and add an external or surround sound system.

What kind of speakers are in a 2000 Solara?

JBL speakers The JBL speakers are included with an optional sound system and not all 2000 solara's have them If your vehicle has the JBL speakers it will have a small JBL emblem on the radio faceplate Also if you have the JBL speakers you cannot replace the stock faceplate with an aftermarket one without also replacing the speakers

How do you change the front speakers on a 95 millinia?

you will have to pull the door panel off to access the speaker. the 95 millenia has a premium sound system so be careful. It may have 2 ohm speakers in there and if you replace them with 4 ohm speakers, you will get alot less power from the system and it will not sound as good. your best bet is to bypass the factory amp and wire the new speakers right to an aftermarket head unit.

How many speakers come with the system?

It depends on the system, but usually two speakers come with each unit.

Is there a PA system that has 4 speakers?

Certainly - the factory where I worked had a PA system with thousands of speakers all over the plant.

What home speaker system by sony has 16 normal speakers 2 front speakers and 2 subspeakers?

That would make a total of 20 speakers. Sony sells no such system, nor do they sell an amplifier that can connect that many speakers.

How does a Bose speaker system compare to a Samsung speaker system?

Bose system speakers are generally considered more expensive but of higher quality than Samsung speakers. Samsung speakers are for those on a budget, although not a small one.

How do you install an after-market radio in a 02 Mustang GT that has the Mach system?

It is my understanding that due to the way Ford wired this radio system you cannot replace the headunit without replacing the entire system or it could ruin the headunit and/or speakers.

How do you replace the rear speakers of a 1996 Town and Country Infinity Sound System and where do you find and what type of speakers do you need?

You will either need factory Infinity replacements since the speakers have their own attached amps. Or....replace the entire system with an aftermarket setup. You can go to to find out what size speakers will fit your car. Another option (this is what I myself did) for the fronts I used 6 1/2s and zip-tied the amps to them. This works for me but it is more trouble than its worth and doesn't sound very good. Note: not all 6 1/2 will work (in fact I believe most wont.)

Is there a fuse for the speakers?

there should be a fuse for the audio system in the car fusing panel, but if for the speakers only- then that should be within the audio system itself.

Are speakers a peripheral?

Yes, speakers are a peripheral device as they are removable and not an integral part of a computer system.

Can you put in component speakers with the stock wiring in a 1999 camaro?

I do not know about the standard system but if you have the optional Monsoon system, the front speakers are already 2-way component and the back speakers are component 6.5 subs.

What is 7.1 channel surround sound?

A 7.1 sound system has three front speakers, two side speakers and two rear speakers plus one more known as the subwoofer which is the .1 in the 7.1 system.

Where to put surround speakers?

In a 5.1 system, the speakers should be beside or behind you, ideally at ear level or above. In a 7.1 system, the left and right speakers should be beside you, and the read surrounds (or surround) behind you.

What size speakers are in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Both the standard audio system and the upgraded Boston Acoustics premium audio system have six speakers, and both have the same size speakers, here are the speaker sizes: Front Doors: 6X9" (For the standard system, these speakers produce both low and mid-range frequencies, and for the Boston Acoustics system, these speakers produce only low frequencies) Dashboard: 3X 1/2" Rear Doors: 6X 3/4" By the way, you can tell if you have the Boston Acoustics audio system or not by listening to the front door speakers only and telling if they produce mid-range frequencies or not. If these speakers only produce low frequencies, you have the Boston Acoustics system. If you have a navigation system and/or a rear DVD entertainment system, you have the Boston Acoustics system.

I upgraded the factory speakers. Why are my front speakers louder than the rear speakers?

Check your EQ System, (The CD player) if the balance is in the middle

How many speakers in a 2000 Cadillac eldorado?

4 speakers total. I had the Bose system and the door speakers are 5-1/4" and the rear are 6x9

How do you install an aftermarket CD player in a 1992 Nissan Maxima with Bose sound system?

take the door panels off, remove the housing for the Bose speakers, take apart the housing and cut the wires, put in a small speaker to replace the Bose full range speaker. (alternatively, replace the Bose housing with a custom mounting board) put the Bose housing back and the door panels back. cut the wires on the rear deck speakers and install a 6x9 speaker system. replace the CD player. (the original 2ohm Bose speakers burn out players designed for 4 or 8 ohm speaker systems)

What speakers are in the 2003 wrx with premium sound system?

The 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX sound system comes with six speakers and an optional factory subwoofer. The manufacturer for the sound system is Panasonic.

What should one watch out for when buying a home sound system?

The home sound system should have multiple HDMI inputs. It must be able to send amplified audio to at least five speakers. Also be aware about the system if you wan't the 5.1 you have three speakers, two surround speakers and a subwoofer. In 7.1 you only get four surround speakers.

Can you replace the subwoofer for your home theatre system with any kind of sub?

You need to make sure the impedance matches or you will blow you amplifier! It would be best to replace it with the same brand as the speakers, feed it with a digital cable. There won't be a problem of overloading your amplifier.

What are the best speakers for a 99 jeep grand Cherokee?

infinty sound system! If you want to improve sound go see a speacialist and get a new system. If you want to fix your Jeep speakers, google - Jeep Speakers - and go shopping.

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