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Replacing Aerostar side sliding glass.Apparently,you are supposed to replace the entire window assembly,not just the sliding glass. However,if you did happen to get a glass,it is possible to install it.1)Pull out the rubber/felt glass channel and clean out the broken glass,then re-install it.2)Remove the rear window edge trim from the non-sliding glass by sliding a razor knife between the glass surface and the trim.You have to cut through about 1/4" of urathane rubber adhesive,so spray a little soapy water on for lube.3)Remove the latch from the sliding glass.To do this,push out the hinge pin on the latch handle (upwards or downwards) DON'T LOSE THE SPRING! Then take out the 2 Phillips head screws, and finesse the latch body off the glass.It is stuck with 2 sided tape for waterproofing,so it might be pretty stuck.4)Slide your glass in from the rear of the door.5)Re-assemble the latch to the glass remembering that it should be waterproof,so make sure the 2 sided tape is still there. Replace it or glue it as you see fit.Mine was still tacky so I just put it back that way.6)Re-glue the rear trim to the rear of the window.Actually,the best way to glue it is by going to your nearest glass shop(the one that said you can't replace the glass)and asking them to give you a spot of windsield adhesive urathane.They open a new tube for every windshield and then throw away any leftovers,so they will probably give some to you while doing a job.7)Be happy,you just saved a pile of cash.Submitted by Andrew from Zippy's Auto in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
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Q: How do you replace the sliding window in a 92 aerostar?
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