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How do you replace the spark plugs on a Mazda 6 s 6cyl?

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2007-08-27 03:10:03

Title: Mazda 6 S 2004 3.0 v-6 -spark plug removal (rear3)

Article: Congratulations New or used Mazda owner. You have made

a great choice

in buying this model.I have recently encountered a dilemma

however; when

changing the spark plugs- you are going to need 1.)about 2 or 3

hrs., a 10mm.

socket on 3/8 ratchet, and a 5/16 or metric equiv in order to

simply expose the

back 3. You're front three are easy as pie-simply unbolt the

spark plug

(electrical device)and gently pull exposing plug.The back 3 are

underneath the

intake manifold. First carefully undo the 3 bolts to remove dust

cover(do not be

rough as they are costly)and then proceed to unbolt intake

manifold. undo

adjoining vacuum lines. *[Note although the bolts will not come

out all the way

just loosen them all the way ;they will stay in the manifold but

it will come

out with them in it.]* Be extremely careful when removing

manifold as it has


that can tear. Most local parts stores don't have them -you

gotta buy them at

the dealership. now replace plugs. and reverse the order to

reassemble. Now

thank God that it'll be a while before you do it again!{I

personally recommend

using N.G.K "iridium" spark plugs} they really make a phenomenal


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