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If it's the front speakers, then it's a simple operation. The grills need to be poppoed off, a screwdriver at the edge and lift up, then the speaker is held in by one Philips head scew (don't lose the small clip the screw goes into) and the speaker lifts and the harness is unplugged. Replacement is simply the reverse. The rear speakers are a bit trickier. The front seatbelt bezel needs to be moved out of the way. The side panel needs to be removed, there are panel removal tols but if you're real careful, youcan gentl and carefullt remove the panel by prying it off from the side and disengaging the panel clips, then it's just a matter of removing the speaker screws and removing the speaker, unplugging the harness. Replacing is the reverse except if you want to put larger speakers in. If larger ones are needed then you might need to cut the fiberboard and use a larger trim ring but if it's metal then I'd just simply replace with a 4 inch speaker. With all the speakers, you probably need to remove the factory harness end and either hard solder the new one in or get a plug and socket from an electronics store and use those for the harness Now a good stereo to with it all...hmmmmm. All of this supposes a bit of mechanical and minor electrical ability.

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Q: How do you replace the speakers in a 1997 Geo Tracker?
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