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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1991 VW Golf?


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hi mate you have to take the alternator off and you will see the bracket that holds the alternator on i think there is 4 to 5 bolts on it take them off remove the bracket and you will see the water pump remove the pipes and 4 bolts pull the water pump off and you will see ablack cover on the bottom with 2 10ml bolts take them off and the thurmostat is there cheers tony hello, I have an M reg golf gti, I found it quite easy to get to the thermostat housing by removing the steering oil pump. 2 vertical and one horizontal bolts and the adjuster bolt, this reveals the stat housing. Good luck witht the top 10mm bolt, it snapped for me. Good site. Hugh (Oxford)


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How to install thermostat in a 1994 volkswagen golf?

underneath on the front right side of the car, where the large (lower) radiator hose attaches to the engine.

The thermostat for this car is located in the water pump housing from the lower radiator hose.

The thermostat in a 1996 VW Golf is located by following the lower large hose of the radiator. Before removing the thermostat be sure to drain the cooling system.

not an expert but might be good start for you. Follow the hose which leads from the bottom of the radiator to the engine. There should be a a plastic manifold fitting thing. That's the thermostat housing.

The thermostat is located under the metal housing on the engine end of the top radiator hose. Regards:

according the repair manual the thermostat is located on the bottom of the waterpump. You can access it underneath the front of the car. follow the radiator hose coming off the bottom of the radiator.

follow the top radiator hose down to the enginge and gently remove the two screw bolts holding the housing to the engine.remove the housing. The thermostat can then be removed by hand.

should be at the end of the lower radiator hose under the power steering pump

Helped a mechanic friend of mine replace the thermostat on my 1993 GTI 2.0 8v (2E engine) recently. Easiest if done from underneath.The thermostat housing is behind the bracket that holds the pas pump etc.Undo the pump bolts and swing it out of the way.Can't remember if we had to do the same with the alternator.

follow your big bottom hose coming from your rad,its in the plastic fitting where the hose is fitted on

It is in the bottom of water pump at the end of the lower radiator hose. The yoke has two bolts to remove it.

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Just follow the upper rad hose back to the top of the engine. Where it bolts in is where the thermostat is located.

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Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet. It is in the water outlet. Mark I might be wrong but it depends on the engine. I do know for5 a fact that the thermostat on the 2.0 is located in the water pump outlet near the bottom of the engine.

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on the bottom of the water pump

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