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Your best bet would be to purchase a Haynes manual. I replaced the water pump on a 95 and did the timing belt with it. Make sure you read the steps and understand before doing the work.

This is advice not from a professional---just a little more experienced novice like you.Hopefully you are doing some pre-maintenance and not repair. On pre-maintenance-- This isn't an easiy job--tight space. I would loosen up the motor mount and carefully jack up the engine. You might have to unbolt the mount that connects the drive train to the engine block. Listen to not cause any damage to componets. Taking the plastic covers off is hard. The valve cover needs to be removed. The alternator belt and the airpump /air-conditioner pump belt need to be removed(gets them out of you way. Carefully mark the positions of the cams with the belt that needs to be replaced so you can make the same marks on the new belt. Mark the direction the belt being removed goes. Why that matters I don't know. If it were me--I would unbolt the idler pulley--not the tension pulley. If you have a buddy that will help you then don't remove idler pulley. A small crow bar against the tension pulley will loosen up the belt. This should free up the tension and after removing the crank shaft pulley(you might need a special tool) the belt should slide off. Put the new belt on, carefully lining up the marks you made. Put the crank shaft pulley back on. And ect. If you are solo, be very careful when puting the idler pulley on. Don't strip or get the bolt crooked. If the timing belt broke and the above steps is above you---take the car to a proffessional. Otherwise I'd be surprised the timing isn't off and you can skip marking everything. Remove the broken belt---buy a Mazda book--study timing--and then replace belt. Good luck.

Side note, If you are replacing the timing belt. Maybe you should do a compression check on your engine-- It might be time to just remove and replace the engine. Been there done it---Fun Fun! :)

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Q: How do you replace the timing belt in a 1995 Ford Probe 20L?
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