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When doing something this complicated I suggest you get a shop manual on your car from Auto Zone for about $18 and it will tell you how to do this job and help with the next job.

If it's like a '91 sunbird 2.0 you need to: 1. disconnect battery 2. remove breather and alternator with bracket 3. remove power stearing pump with bracket (or slide back out of the way to get the timing belt cover off) It's got a couple bolts going throught the motor mount that are very hard to reach. 4. remove any thing else in the way of the timing belt cover (brackets, hoses etc.) 5. remove timing belt cover by coming out a little and upward. (might want to remove passenger side front wheel to get at some of the cover bolts) I don't think the crank pulley needs to come off. 6. push down on the tensioner pulley with a long screw driver (it rotates down and counter-clockwise) 7. belt should come off. 8. reverse process to install new belt. note: there is a groove on the cam sprocket that lines up with a notch on the cover (metal back part). also line up the crank pulley notch/groove with the "0" mark on the cover. final note: this is from memory which I don't guarantee being over 50. Hope this works for you. +/-$300 and a repair shop works too.

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Q: How do you replace the timing belt on a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0?
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