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visit the parts store and look in the chilton manual for your make and model it should have the answers you seek

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Q: How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1999 Honda accord?
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How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Accord?

How much does it cost parts and labor to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Accord 4door.

How to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1988 Honda Accord LX?

just remove the 3 bolts on top of the valve cover and lift it out,and theres the gasket.

You have oil on your spark plug wires where is the oil coming from 93 Honda accord ex?

usually the valve cover gasket and the oil seals on the top of the cover,replace gasket and the also the distributor seal

Replace bumper on 98 accord?

I need to replace the bumper cover on a Honda accord 98 EX 4door. is there a site where the screws and pags are?

My engine light came on after replace valve cover gasket in my 1992 Honda accord but oil is not leaking?

Check your crankcase ventilation, the hose or pcv may be blocked or disconnected.

What could cause smoke white to grey in color from underneath the hood just after turning off a 1992 Honda Accord with 234K miles?

Most probably, you have a valve cover gasket that is bad, and the oil is dripping down onto the exhaust manifold, and is being burned. Replace the valve cover gasket.

How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a 1990 Honda Accord LX Coupe?

Remove the sparkplug cables, breather hose, and remove the valve cover. The gasket is a permanent type and comes as a 5 piece kit that simply pushes into groves in the valve cover. Once installed, replace the valve cover and connect the breather hoses and sparkplug cables.

Why wold you have exhaust pressure in the valve cover pan on a Honda accord 1993?

Replace the PCV Valve.

What would cause motor oil to get into spark plugs of a 93 Honda Accord?

Oil on the outside of the spark plugs is caused by a leaking valve cover gasket. Replace the valve cover gasket. Oil on the electrode of the spark plugs indicates the engine is worn and is burning oil. The only fix for this is an engine rebuild.

88 Honda valve cover leak?

Dear Honda owner, Valve cover leak? I assume you are refering to an external oil leak from the valve cover, replace the gasket, be sure the new gasket set comes with spark plug seals.

Why is there oil in the spark plug chambers of your 1993 Honda Accord LX?

If you see oil in the spark plug chambers in your Accord you will need to replace the vavle cover gasket. Oil from the top end of your engine (camshafts) is leaking through the vavle cover gaskets into one or more of the spark plug wells. Easy fix!!!!

If changed valve cover gasket set and still car doesn't start on 91 Honda accord?

Changing a valve cover gasket really has nothing to do with an engine starting or not. You need to check your power and gas for problems in starting.

How do you replace valve cover gasket 1992 Honda Accord?

Remove the valve cover. Pry out the old gasket and clean the surface of the head where the gasket will touch it. Scrape out the groove where it was to get all the old glue out. Put a thin bead of anaerobic sealant into the gasket groove in the head cover. Set the gasket in place. Put it back on the head and tighten the bolts to 25 lb-ft - or "finger tight plus one turn"). This is a job that's easier done than said;

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

The valve cover gasket, on a 2004 Jeep liberty, can be found by removing the valve cover. Peel the gasket off of the head and replace with a new gasket.

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on your 2002 Mitsubishi lancer?

how do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 2002 mitubishi lancer

How do you replace the PCV valve on a 1987 Honda Accord LX?

its the tip of the small hose that plugs into the top of your valve cover

How do you replace oil cover gasket?

What is a oil cover

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a S40 Volvo?

The valve cover ask it, on a S 40 Volvo, can be replaced by first removing the valve cover. Remove the old gasket and replace with a new gasket.

Is it pointless to replace your valve cover gasket before you get a valve adjustment 1990 Honda Accord?

That depends on fast the oil is leaking out from the V.C. gasket and how soon you plan to adjust the valve clearance. If it isn't leaking much and the valve adjustment is planned soon, might as well wait until you have your valves adjusted since the valve cover has to be removed then anyway.

How do you install the headlamp cover on Honda accord?

Installation of what?

How do you change a valve cover gasket on a Honda accord?

same as you do on the ford question below your question here. And that goes for all the other types of vehicles you have.

How do you install a valve cover gasket for the 1994 Honda Accord EX?

Pretty easy. Remove the valve cover by loosening the 5 bolts holding it in place. There are a couple of hoses and another screw that will need to be removed as well. If the valve cover has been on the engine for some time, you may need to apply sufficient force in breaking the valve cover/gasket loose from the engine. The gasket lies beneath the valve cover along its edge. The edge is lipped so the new gasket can be placed in this groove. A Honda dealer will typically apply an additional sealer to the new gasket above the semi circular portions at either end of the valve cover, but I don't believe this is required. (Pretty expensive to buy the tube for just one application.) Replace valve cover with new gasket installed. Tighten bolts, replace hoses. Done. ..................................................................................................................................... Not done. Don't forget the O-rings around the spark plug openings in the valve cover. These should come with the new valve cover gasket.

Reason's a H22A4 from a 1998 Honda Prelude would lose oil?

pcv valve replace every 30000 miles.. bad oil pan gasket, or valve cover gasket

How do you replace the valve gasket cover on a 1984 f 100?

simply remove the valve cover gasket,take the old one off,clean the area well, and replace the gasket,tighten the cover evenly.(if ur gasket is made of corque take care not to break the gasket

How do you replace the turn signal on a 1996 Honda Accord if the lens cover does not come off?

Remove the bulb from the back side. The lense does not have to be removed.

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