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Hey Connie==Get a manual from a parts store on your car and it will tell you how. You may need to get a manual from MOTORLIT.COM. Good luck Joe

First buy a new thermostat, water pump and timing belt. Unsnap timing belt cover and remove top outside portion. Take off top belt pulley which is actually the Power Steering pump pulley. Note aligning mark on top timing belt pulley which matches a notch in the back of the timing belt cover. Also notice the bottom belt pulley has a notch which aligns with a protruding point on the belt cover next to the bolt where the back cover is attached. Remove the bottom belt pulley (not for the timing belt but the accessories) Try to align the top timing belt pulley which will align the notch on the accessory pulley before removing the pulley. Once the top pulley is removed you can remove the timing belt being careful to not move either base where the pulleys were attached which would mess up the timing. Remove the power steering pump (turn small nut on end of pipe into pump housing) and remove hose from other pump line. Now you can move the cover enough to remove the water line housing containing the thermostat. This should be replaced now since it is so much trouble to replace separately that everything should be done at the same time. The thermostat gasket has a slot to fit over both sides of the metal flange. The water pump is held by 3 Allen wrench bolts (metric good luck) and is also the timing belt tensioner. Install new pump and timing belt making sure marks and notches are correct and belt is tight enough using the turning of the water pump. Reassemble everything else.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1990 Pontiac Le Mans?
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