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1)disconnect the neg. battery terminal.2)drain the antifreeze.3)remove any wiring or hoses from the fan shroud.4)remove the shroud.5)remove the drive belts.6)remove the hoses going to the water pump.7)remove the fan and the clutch8)remove any brackets necessary to gain access to the water pump bolts.9)remove all bolts to the pump. if the pump is hard to remve from the engine ,use a hammer and tap lightly to break it loose from the block. to install the pumpyou need to 1) make sure all of the old gasket is removed from the block 2)clean the surface with lacquer thinner or acetone.3)coat both sides of the new gasket(s) with a thin layer of rtv sealant.4)place the new gasket on the pump (to prevent leakage around the bolts ,apply some sealant to the threads of the bolts too.5)insert the bolts into the pump and install the pump to the engine block.6)torque bolts in a criss-cross pattern(the torque is 17 ft-lbs for 4 cylinder and 30 ft-lbs for a v-6) the rest is reverse order that you took the stuff off.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Chevy Astro?
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