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ok to make it very easy on u if u don't understand the first fue saentances yopu should go out and buy a Toyota camary repair book but to start the procedure u will fiststart taking out your anti freez over flow and oyur wind shield wiper jug then u are going to take off your altinater and altinater mount then u are going to take your belts then u are going ot take off the timing belt and cover oce u have oll of that off u will see a metal tub remove that and therre will be a thermistat under that and

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Lexus ES300?
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How do you replace the brake lights on 1993 Lexus ES300?

1992 Lexus es300 wear the thermostat is located

Where is oil pressure switch on 1992 Lexus es300?

The oil pressure switch on 1992 Lexus es300 is located just besides the engine.

How do you replaceathermostat for 1992 Lexus es 300?

1992 Lexus es300 wear the thermostat is located

How do you replace the rear speaker of a 1992 Lexus es300?

you take the old one out and then put the new one in dummy

1992 Lexus es300 radio wiring diagram?


Will a 1999 Lexus ES300 tail light fit a 1992 Lexus ES300?

No there have been three body changes between those two years.

How much does it costs to repair leather seats in 1992 Lexus es300?

About 5,697

How do you replace rear deck brake light bulb on 1992 Lexus es300?

If you grab the light and pull it straight twards yourself it will come off. The bulb is in there

Where is the fuel pump on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

In the gas tank under the rear seat

Cost of blown head gasket for Lexus?

What is the avg cost to fix a 1992 Lexus ES300 blown head gasket? Please help!

How many head bolts are there on a 1992 Lexus es300?

16 per O'Reilly's Auto parts Store

How do you change a fuel pump on a Lexus es300 1992?

Unless there is an access panel above the fuel pump inside the vehicle, you must remove the fuel tank in order to replace the fuel pump.

What is the box called underneath the passenger seat for a 1992 Lexus Es300?

That should be the factory amp for your car stereo

Whats wrong if a 1992 Lexus es300 engine coolant bubbling?

headgasket leak and exhaust gas is getting into the coolant

Which fuse is used in 1992 Lexus ES300 for remote openning of the trunk lid?

The fuses are all mapped out on the inside of the fusebox cover

Lexus es 300 1992 is the same transmission for Lexus es300 1996?

No. 1992-1993 are the only transmissions the will work. There is a crossover tube across the top of the 92-93 trans and the 94-96 trans has a sensor in that location.

What if your 1992 Lexus Es300 jerks when it changes gears?

i have a 95 es300 but it doesnt jerk when i change gears when i ride it jerks but i found out it was a motor mount front motor mount which will cost bout $112 to replace but if when you change gears it could be your transmission slipping that cant be goo but check your motor mounts first....

Where is the temperature sensor on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

In front of the engine Behind the housing cap theres a small plug which is the temperature sensor. Hope this helps.

How do you know if a o2 sensor is bad on a 1992 Lexus es300?

Stop by your local AutoZone. They will hook it up to a handheld tester and print out which oxygen sensor is failing.

1992 Lexus es300 drive axle removal?

This link gives a good description of the process. It's specifically for a 1994 ES300, but the process is fundamentally the same:

Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Lexus ES300?

Follow the upper radiator and where it meets the engine there is a housing where the thermostat is. Just remember when replacing iit to install it with the spring toward the engine. GoodluckJoeAnswerThe answer given is wrong! It is at the water pump, on the bottom hose. AnswerON A 1994 LEXUS ES300 IT IS ON THE BOTTOM HOSE BY THE WATERPUMP. ON THE 1992 IT IS ON THE TOP HOSE REMEMBER YOUR SPRING PLACEMENT. AnswerThe second answer is correct. The thermostat on a 1993 Lexus ES300 is on the water pump. Which can be found by following the bottom hose up to it. ANSWERthere are TWO different locations depending on the motor There are Two different radiators, the radiator with no filler cap has the thermostat on the drivers side @ the end of the motor and the radiator with the filler cap has it by the water pump

How do you fix a broken odometer on a 1992 Lexus LS 400?

As far as I know, you have to replace the cluster.

How do you replace Mass air flow sensor Camry 1997?

How do i replace mass air flow sensor 1992 lexus es 300

Where is coolant reservoir on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

Coolant reservoir, or directly in the radiator. If you are having to add much coolant, you need to find out why. Serious engine damage can occur if it is leaking inside the engine.

How do you replace a water pump in 1992?

how do you install a water pump on a 1992 toyota camry