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How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Lexus ES300?


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Hello That is a pretty big job. I would get a haynes manuel. I would also change the idler and tensioner rollers and timing belt and you are good for another 90,000 miles. I have done two. ost should be around 300.oo for everything. Take your tome and make sure you line up the timing marks. The hardest thing was getting off the harmonic balancer. I would suggest a high torque impact driver. I have heard of putting a wrench on and pulling the coil wire off and cranking the key. Its a all day job. good luck.


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I just changed the timing belt (not chain) for the 96 Lexus es300 last week. 94-96 Lexus es300 are interchange part.

On the 1994 Lexus 300es, the thermostat is located in the front of the engine. Look for a radiator hose just below the location of the water pump. The thermostat is inside the end of that hose.

What tension bolt? There are many bolts under tension.

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You may need a new Random Misfire Solenoid P1300!

Buy a service manual-very intense labor job

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The job is very simple. The problem is the difficult access. You have to get behind the steering column.

yes...DO IT!!!!! but u need to widen your guards and take out your stock mud insulators

On that car it is called a transmission range sensor and it attaches transmission gear selector cable to transmission. Just remove and install new part in reverse order (if that is the problem).

Follow the upper radiator and where it meets the engine there is a housing where the thermostat is. Just remember when replacing iit to install it with the spring toward the engine. GoodluckJoeAnswerThe answer given is wrong! It is at the water pump, on the bottom hose. AnswerON A 1994 LEXUS ES300 IT IS ON THE BOTTOM HOSE BY THE WATERPUMP. ON THE 1992 IT IS ON THE TOP HOSE REMEMBER YOUR SPRING PLACEMENT. AnswerThe second answer is correct. The thermostat on a 1993 Lexus ES300 is on the water pump. Which can be found by following the bottom hose up to it. ANSWERthere are TWO different locations depending on the motor There are Two different radiators, the radiator with no filler cap has the thermostat on the drivers side @ the end of the motor and the radiator with the filler cap has it by the water pump

There are two O2 sensors on a '94 Lexus ES300. Both are located on the exhaust manifolds. There is one accessible from the front just to the right off-center of the engine, and one is located on the rear of the engine down low approximately centered with the engine. Hope this helps. WB

This link gives a good description of the process. It's specifically for a 1994 ES300, but the process is fundamentally the same: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44136&mode=threaded&pid=282723

Remove carpet next to gas petal, near the firewall there will be white plastic, also a vertical rectangle, remove the vertical rectangle, it's Cabin filter is the 1994 Lexus ES300 filter. Follow Lexus 1994 ES300 cabin air filter replacement directions. They both share the same Heater/AC/Air venting system box. Fact: Lexus Cabin air filters back in the 90's were OPTIONAL add-ons (you had to pay more in options for the dealer to slip in a filter) Fact: The Lexus climate air box is what the 3rd gen camry used as the air box (the ES300 was the pricier version of the Camry)

I have a 1994 Lexus ES300 and when my brake light came on, it meant that one of my brakes lines had busted. Eventually I had NO brakes. Not sure if this would apply to yours. Get it checked out before it is to late.

Yea it will fit. Need some adjusting and slight body work to make it perfect. But to bolt on its a perfect match.

Answering "How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Toyota Camry?"

Call Lexus dealer,ask for service manager and ask this qustion!!Problem will be solved.

The key has a button which controls the locks on the doors, press once for drivers door and other doors, if key does not work check battery in key.

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