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on a v 6 motor the water pump is located just above the air comperssor with a diagram of the belt route take the 4 outside pulley bolts loose first then take off serpentine belt it makes it easier to hold the pulley then 5 bolts holding the water pump

1. Take timing cover off. 2. Take motor mount off. 3. Take harmonic balancer off. 4. Take water pump hosing off.(7 bolts) 5. Take timing chain techner off. 6.take three nuts off water pump, pull water pump out and replace.

sounds like the above answer was confused with a chrystler shouldn't listen to people like this.........they do not know about the simplicity of gm products...and who puts 7 bolts on a coolant hose..PLEASE!!! there are only a few bolts, no need to undo hoses, just pop belt off (let dangle) and unbolt the water pump,after draining coolant to a suitable level, replace pump and gasket (with sealant) and reverse dissassembly (new pump does not come with pulley, so be shure to swap it out to the new pump)

Actually, sounds like the above answer was confused with a 1999 Malibu w/ the 2.4, where the water pump is a (roughly) 7 hour job.

I just changed one of these pumps on a 3.1 v6 last week. It's realy quite simple. After you loosen the belt and remove the water pump pulley ( it's the top front pulley ) You will see the water pump mounting screws behind the pulley, remove these 5 screws and the pump comes right off. One important thing to know is to remove small brass bleed screw where top radiator hose hooks to motor while your refilling system with coolant, then put the bleed screw back in after coolant squirts out the bleed hole.

The above answer is 100% correct... it will be a 30 minute job tops if ya aren't a screw up. 45 minutes if ya are

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Chevy Malibu V6?
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